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Target Throw Game

This target beanbag game is great fun for all the family. Perfect for in the garden or on the beach - it's handy drawstring storage bag means it can easily be taken out and about for lots of fun wherever you go. See who can become the ultimate beanbag target champion this summer! Let the challenge begin...

What you will need:

  • Filling for the beanbags (dried beans, rice, beanbag pellets)

  • Scissors

  • Needle & thread

  • Tape measure

  • Pins

  • Pencil

  • Paper

  • Compass to draw your circles, or something round such as a plate the size you need

  • The Craft Cotton Company’s Funky Dot and Brights fat quarter sets and 2 pieces 75x75 cm Bunting cotton print

First, make the beanbags:

Make a paper template 10 x12cm, this includes a 0.5cm seam allowance.

Cut 10 pieces of fabric from 4 different fat quarter colours. This will give you 5 beanbags from each colour.

Place two pieces of the same fabric right sides together and sew around leaving a 5cm gap for turning.

Turn out the right way and half-fill with your choice of filling.

Slip-stitch the seam close.

Making the drawstring bag:

Take the remaining fat quarter and fold it in half (right sides together). Cut off the bottom part to make it 35cm long.

Starting 6cm down from the top, sew down the side and then along the bottom.

Turn the bag the right way around.

Fold in the top edge of the bag by 1cm.

Next, fold over the side edge seam over the folded top edge.

Now fold over the top edge again, this time folding it so that it touches where you started sewing down the side of the bag.

Pin as you go and then sew along the bottom of the folded top edge.

Thread your ribbon through- I used the ribbon that came with the fat quarter set.

To seal the raw ribbon edges fold over the end a few times and sew to seal, repeat for the other end.

Next, make the targets:

First, cut out the target shapes. Making paper templates by either drawing around an object of the correct size (I used different sized plates) or using a compass.

Big circle target:

Circle 1: diameter 42cm

Circle 2: diameter 28 cm

Circle 3: diameter 16 cm

Medium circle target

Circle 1 diameter 28 cm

Circle 2: diameter 18 cm

Smaller circle target

Circle 1: diameter 18 cm

Circle 2: diameter 8 cm

Single target

Circle: diameter 16 cm

Position your circles on the bunting fabric. This is the positioning and colours I opted to use:

Finally, put the mat together:

Lay out the biggest circles of each of the target sets in place on the mat making sure you don't put them too near to the edge, and pin into place.

Sew around the edge of these targets with a zigzag stitch. I opted for quite a tight zigzag stitch to minimize any fraying of the target edges.

Sew the remaining targets into place working from the biggest to smallest circle on each target. You could sew point values on to the circles if you like, I opted not to so that I could vary the points for each target.

Now place the front and back mat pieces right-side together.

Sew all around the edge leaving a 5 cm gap for turning.

Turn through and slip stitch closed.

Now its time to get playing and have some fun!

© By Lesley Foster at Hook, Stitch, Sew for The Craft Cotton Company 2016

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