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Crazy Cat Quilt

How many of us find our cats sleeping on the fabrics we plan to use?

Well let’s create a purrrfect reversible cat quilt especially for our furry friends. (Finished quilt size 26” x 26”)

Follow the tutorial below to see how. Everything you need can be ordered from craftcotton the cute kitty cat fabric all comes in a very cute fat quarter bundle.

**don’t forget to grab your wadding too from craftcotton **

Here’s what you’ll need:

⦁ A cat looking for a place to sleep and wash her/himself :) kitty beach fat quarter bundle from craft cotton. light fusible batting from craft cotton. (this is very lovely wadding, perfect for beginners in quilting as it can be iron in place, and because it’s a light weight it also makes it easier when you come to quilt it. denim cotton from craft cotton (28” x 16”) ⦁ Dark navy blue bias binding 104” in length ⦁ White cotton fabric 28” x 40” ⦁ White and navy blue threads ⦁ Sewing machine, rotary cutter, cutting mat ⦁ *drunken path

⦁ template- optional* or cut your own 4” x 4” quarter circle template from strong card. ⦁ Basting pen, and an erasable fabric marker pen ⦁ 2 fat quarters of light weight interfacing

Let’s begin…

From your kitty beach fat quarter bundle, and a small strip (4.5 x 18”) cut from the denim blue cotton, cut out the following (see photo below) add a ¼” all the way round each shape, this will be trimmed off after the interfacing has been ironed in place.

I loved the cats so much, on the blue fabric, I fussy cut these out (see photo below)

Once all your quarters circles are cut out, you can now iron them onto the light weight interfacing, this will stop the edges fraying, lay the fabric pieces’ right side up, with the glue side of the interfacing onto the wrong side of the fabric, then trim your quarter circles neatly.

Next take your large piece of white fabric and cut it to 26” x 26”, now comes the fun part…

Using your erasable fabric maker pen and fabric glue pen, we are going to mark out where to blanket stitch our pieces.

See photo below for placement…

Start by finding the middle of the white piece of fabric, draw a dot, then glue your first set of four fabrics pieces in place Then draw a 1 ¼” inch square around this, glue your three pieces on place, making sure you have all four in the combination. (see photo below)

Next make a dot marking 5” from each side of the white fabric, glue your blue kitty friends in place. Using a navy-blue thread, blanket stitch around each shape.

The reverse…

When all the blanket stitching is complete, iron on the fusible wadding to the reverse of the quilt.

Making the other side of the quilt… ⦁ 2x white strips of fabric measuring 6.5” x 20.5” each ⦁ 1x blue kitty fabric measuring 9.5” x 20.5” ⦁ 2x denim blue fabric measuring 3.5” x 20.5” each ⦁ 2x denim fabric measuring 3.5” x 26”

Sew them together in strips as shown in the photo below

Once the other side of your quilt is complete, spray baste this in place, creating a quilt sandwich with your fusible wadding and other side of quilt.

Now you’re ready to free motion quilt (by using this light weight wadding you will find this easier) Using your erasable marker pen, draw out a pattern of your choice on the first side of the fabric we made (as the fabric is lighter in colour and you will find it easier to see your markings)

I used loops and swirls… I decided not to quilt over what looks like a white square. Once you’re happy with your design, thread up your machine with the white thread and remembering to drop your feed dogs and attach your free motion quilting foot/darning foot, you’re all set to go…

Almost there… just add your bias binding

My cat loves it!

Cat quilt designed and created by creativeblonde for The Craft Cotton Co. Follow me on facebook and instagram for more tutorials.

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