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Bunny Pom Pom Cushion Tutorial

Spring! Spring! I love Spring. Flower, bright colours, sunshine, new grass, and, importantly, new fabric ranges! I was really excited to get my hands on the new Spring fabrics from the Craft Cotton Company. There were 6 different designs, in a range of prints with different colour bases. Aren’t they pretty? I love the Easter egg bright colours. A bunny pom pom cushion seemed like a great way to make these gorgeous colours really stand out. I’ve designed a cushion that a) has an envelope opening on the back which means this can be put together in a ridiculously quick time and b) uses wadding rather than a cushion pad so you can adjust the size if you want to. This project works out at 24” x 12” when finished.

You will need:

  • Easter Egg Hunt Fat Quarter Pack - 5 different fabrics 9”x4”

  • Co-ordinating/contrasting fabric fat quarter for binding

  • 5 pom poms

  • Neutral material (I love this one with the subtle flower pattern) – one piece measuring 25” x 13”, two pieces measuring 15” x 13”

  • One pack of wadding

  • Bunny template

First step, print and cut out the bunny template at the end of the post. Make sure you print it at 100% (rather than fit to page) to get the sizing correct. It should measure approximately 8.5” x 4” if you want to check.

Use the template to cut out 5 bunnies. You could use an iron on interfacing but I prefer to cut directly and then use quilt spray to attach the bunnies onto the front fabric piece.

You can appliqué the bunnies using any stitch but I used a zig zag with a narrow width (on my Brother Innov-is 1250, stitch 24, with a width of 0.3mm which gives a nice satin stitch).

When you have completed the applique, handsitch the pom poms as tails. While these look good white, they would also look super cute if you had a range of pastel pom poms.

To make the cushion up, with right sides facing, lay the two back pieces so that they overlap to create your envelope. The top piece will the outside piece so make a double hem and sew so that you have a tidy hem on display. Pin your overlapping back pieces to the front and sew around all four sides. Turn right way round.

Make up your binding by sewing 2” wide strips of fabric together. Arrange them right sides facing and draw a diagonal line through. Pin and sew this line.

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