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Personalised Dog Toy

It's so cute #MakeItToday

Here’s what you’ll need:

Step 1 - Take your two pieces of paw pals fabrics 18” x 6” and fold them in half, right sides together, creating a piece that’s now 9” x 6”.

Step 2 - Using a 2.5 x 3” oval, and over lapping them slightly, create the end of the dog bone, then add the middle part by measuring a 2 ¾” wide by 3.5” length, draw this out on paper/card and cut out. Draw around your template on the fold, with your fabric marker, and cut out, adding a ¼” seam allowance all the way round.

Step 3 - Take some sharp scissors and make small snips around all the curved edges.

Step 4 - Once all your pieces are prepared, begin cross stitching your dog’s name on the aida band, don’t forget the cute paw prints either side 😊 Easiest way to do this is with some graph paper first…

Step 5 - Using white thread, Sew your aida in place using a zig zag stitch all the way round, I used a small dab of glue to hold this is place while I sewed around it. I also used fray check on the ends and tucked each end under.

Step 6 - Sew your two dog bones, right side together, leaving a 2-3” gap along one of the straight edges. Turn right way out, press and stuff. Using a ladder stitch sew up the gap.

And your toy is ready to be played with…

If you have purchased the whole fat quarter bundle from craft cotton, follow me on facebook and Instagram to see my next tutorial… matching dog blanket using these cute fabrics…

And a cute drawstring bag to carry all your clean poo bags, or treats when out walking…

Thank for reading, be sure to tag me in your creations.

Happy crafting

x creativeblonde x

Made by Michelle Roberts for the Craft Cotton Company 2017

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