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Back-to-school Pencil Case

A great back to school project, and with no zips or tricky bits, it’s simple enough for anyone to try.

Supplies: • 2 rectangles each measuring “17” x 10” for the outer case and inner case (times table cotton) • Pocket fabric measuring 17” x 11” ( denim cotton) • Batting measuring 17” x 10” ( I used craftcotton summer batting) • 2 x 12” of thin Ribbon • Fabric marker • Rotary cutter cutting mat and basic sewing supplies.

Let’s begin: Step 1

Take your blue denim cotton and press in half, mark your pockets using a fabric marker pen and ruler. Lay this on the right side of the inner case fabric, and sew down the pocket lines. Hand sew the ends of the cotton to the reverse of the case.

Step 2

Attach ribbon to each end with a pin on the inside of the case, as shown the photo above.

Step 3:

Take your outer case fabric and using a temporary spray adhesive, attach this to your batting.

Step 4:

Lay your two pieces right sides together and sew all the around the edge, remember to leave a 3” gap along the bottom to be able to pull your case the right way out. Trim the corners, to avoid bulk, and turn right way out, and press. Using a ladder stitch, sew up the gap.

Your case is ready for filling for all your essential back to school items, great idea for homework projects too.

Thanks for reading, hope you will enjoy making this as much as did, be sure to follow me in Instagram, Facebook and on my blog. Happy sewing… Creative blonde x

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