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Christmas Tree Bunting

Use these beautiful fat quarters to create a simple but effective Christmas decoration! A quick make that will add a festive touch to any room.

You will need:

  • Tree template (Download here)

  • Tis the Season Fat Quarters

  • Red & White Twine or Ribbon

  • Rotary Cutter and Cutting Mat

  • White Machine Thread

  • Scissors

  • Pins

How to make:

1. Download and print the tree template, ideally trace onto card and cut out to make a strong template. Wash and iron all of the fat quarters.

2. Place fabric onto your cutting mat and cut around the template using a rotary cutter. For this bunting I made four trees in each design, cutting 8 tree triangles from each fabric. You will also need to cut 1 6” x 6” square from each fabric and set aside.

3. Pin your triangles right sides together, sew along the two longest sides with a 1cm seam allowance. Set aside.

4. Using the 4 6” x 6” squares you cut earlier, cut 4 1” strips from each. Fold and press over the long edges so that they meet in the middle, and fold in half to create your tree trunk. Repeat until you have 4 pieces in each fabric and neatly top stitch around each rectangle.

5. Going back to your triangles, snip the point carefully turn each one through. Press so that the edges are crisp. Neatly fold in the bottom edges and press flat.

6. Insert a tree trunk into the middle of each triangle and pin.

7. Top stitch across the bottom of the tree, being sure to catch the tree trunk.

8. Press the trees carefully.

9. Finally attach the twine to your trees, I used a glue gun but you could just as easily stitch it on. Simply space out the trees by 15cm and pop a dab of glue at the very top and press the twin onto it. Leave to dry and they are ready to put up!

Tutorial by Katherine Smith for the Craft Cotton Co

Visit Katherine's website

Follow her on Instagram here

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