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Dreamy Pastels Bunting

Get creative with making some fun and simple fabric bunting!





Bias Binding or Trimming






Sewing Machine



Step 1. Fabric!

It could be that you use the same design across all of the bunting, or make each ‘flag’ a different pattern or colour! The Craft Cotton Co fat quarter ranges would work really well for this with lots of beautiful coordinating designs.

Step 2. Template!

Cut out a paper template for your bunting shape design. The more ‘traditional’ shape is triangular - however we have gone for a different ‘flag’ style design here.

TOP TIP: The easiest way to make a template an ‘even’ shape, is to fold your piece of paper in half, draw ‘half’ of your triangle/shape - cut out your design and then unfold to have two even sides.

Step 3. Cutting!

Using your template as a guide, cut out your fabrics.

You will need to cut two shapes per bunting flag. How many you need, will very much depend on how long you want your bunting to be – and how ‘spaced out’ you would like the triangles/shapes to be apart. A good way of checking is to simply lay them out along your length of bias binding/trimming to get a feel for how you want it to look.

Step 4. Sewing!

Take each set of two shapes and sew in a simple running stitch around 3 of the edges, leaving the top of each one open. Make sure to have the right side of the fabric on the inside at this point – so that when you turn them round the right way, the design is on the outside.

Step 5. Unfold!

As mentioned above, now turn your shapes out the right way so they are ready for sewing into the bias binding or trimming. Make sure to push any corners out as far as they can go – snip any excess fabric at corners if required pre turning out.

Step 6. Ironing!

Iron each of the shapes to ensure all seams are neat and the fabrics are crease free.

Step 7. Pinning!

Pin your bunting shapes into place evenly apart within the bias binding or trimming.

In the example we have used some lacy trimming – that we have just double layer sandwiched together with the fabric shapes in between.

Step 8. Sewing together!

Using a simple running stitch in a coordinating thread to sew everything in to position!

Et voila – easy bunting!

Made by The Crafty Lass® for The Craft Cotton Company 2018

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