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Star Wars Messenger Bag

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Make a messenger bag with some Star Wars Millennium Falcon fabric.


You will need: ‐ 2m main fabric (if you don’t mind a join in your strap you will get away with 1.5m) ‐ 1m lining fabric ‐ 2pks Bosal single sided fusible foam ‐ Approx. 30cm iron on interfacing ‐ 2m Bosal In-R-Form shoulder strapping ‐ 1 x 12” zip ‐ 1 x 2” buckle ‐ matching thread ‐ plain large sheet paper - Sewing Machine (inc zipper foot & walking foot (optional) ‐ Iron

BAG DIMENSIONS: approximately 4″ x 11.5″ x 14″, (10 cm x 29.5 cm x 35.5 cm)


Rough Sketch (including a couple of notes)

Add seam allowances to all pattern pieces.


CUTTING Bag Body – 1 x fabric, 1 fusible foam

Shoulder Strap – 1 x fabric, 1 x Bosal In-R-Form shoulder strapping (1” shorter than fabric (no seam allowance)

Strap Tab – 1 x fabric, 1 x Bosal In-R-Form shoulder strapping (1” shorter than fabric (no seam allowance)

Flap – 1 x fabric, 1 x interfacing

Flap Facing – 1 x fabric, 1 x fusible foam

Zipper Facing – 1 x fabric, 1 x interfacing

Bag Lining – 2 x lining fabric

Patch Pocket – 1 x lining fabric

Pocket Bag – 2 x lining fabric


Step 1

Iron fusible interfacing and fusible foam onto back (wrong side) of bag pieces following manufacturer’s directions, encase shoulder strapping and long raw edges of strapping pieces, steam iron to allow glue to adhere.

Step 2

Make up bag straps – top stitch along each long edge on both strap pieces, approximately 6mm in, set to one side (you may find this easier with a walking foot).

Step 3

Prepare bag lining. On the patch pocket, turn under the top edge 6mm and press. Turn top edge once more: 15mm and stitch down. Turn and press seam allowance on remaining three sides.

With one of the bag lining pieces FACE UP, centre the patch pocket and edge-stitch along pocket sides and bottom.

With right sides together, centre-align and match flap facing to top of body lining piece.

With right side together, align and match remaining bag lining piece to this lining section. Stitch side seams and press open. Stitch 50mm on each end of the bottom seam; then align the side seam to the bottom seam and sew across the seams to create a mitre. Set aside.

Step 4

Prepare flap pocket. Begin by aligning the zipper facing with the top of the flap, right sides together. Stitch an outline of the pocket opening equal to the length of the zipper teeth x the zipper’s width.

Carefully clip diagonally at the corners of the stitching and turn the zipper facing FACE UP. Press seam flat.

Using a zipper foot with the flap piece FACE UP, align and centre the zipper FACE UP in the indentation. Edge-stitch around pocket opening to secure the zipper.

With right sides together, sew one pocket bag piece to the bottom edge of the zipper facing.

Flip the lining downward and topstitch along the seam. Using a zipper foot with flap piece FACE DOWN, align and match remaining pocket bag piece to top of zipper. Stitch zipper to lining; then stitch sides of pocket bag.

Trim the excess from the lining on the bottom of the pocket bag and sew bottom seam. Set aside.

Step 5

Construct the body of the bag. Using a walking foot (if available) with right sides together, fold the bag body together (or stitch bottom seam if using 2 body pieces due to nap of fabric) then match up the side seams. Sew side seam and press open.

Mitre the bottom corners by aligning the side seam in the centre of the bottom edge and stitch across the seam. Turn bag right side out.

Using a zipper foot with right sides together, align and match top of body to flap. Stitch across top edge, ensuring the catch the zipper tape in the seaming. On the right side, topside along the zippered seam.

Step 6

Assemble the bag. Using a walking foot with right sides together, insert bag body into bag lining. Align and match up outer edges of flap and flap facing. Line up the raw edges of the bag opening. Stitch around the opening and the flap. Turn bag RIGHT SIDE OUT through opening in bottom of lining. Press the perimeter of the flap and the opening edge flat. Top-stitch around flap and opening.

Slipstitch opening in lining closed.

Step 7

Complete the bag. Align the square end of the straps to each side of the messenger bag. Place each approximately 10 cm from the top edge of the bag opening and sew an X-stitch through all layers. Hook the shoulder strap into the buckle slider and adjust the desired length.

Your bag is now complete!

Made by Stephanie Marsh for The Craft Cotton Company 2018

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