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Knitting Needle Storage Roll

Store all your knitting needles and accessories together in this handy storage roll with multiple pockets.


Craft Cotton Company supplies:

Fat quarter pack

Other supplies:

18”x18” fusible foam

26” cotton lace trim

Large coordinating button


Step 1

Using your rotary cutter and ruler, cut your patterned fabric into pieces

Craft fabric outer: 18”x18”

Flower fabric lining: 18”x18”

Wool fabric pocket: 18”x16”

Buttons fabric pocket: 18”x8”

Fusible foam: 18”x18”

Step 2

Iron the fusible foam to the wrong side of the flower fabric lining

Step 3

Fold the pocket fabrics in half lengthwise, press well along the fold

Step 4

Position the pockets along the bottom edge of the lining fabric with the smallest pocket piece on the top, clip in place then baste along the raw edges to hold the pockets in place using a scant 1/4 “ seam

Step 5

Mark your pocket lines on the pocket fabrics to suit your knitting needle sizes and quantity

Stitch along the marked lines to create the pockets. Backstitching at the beginning and end will give extra strength to the pockets

Step 6

Attach the lace trim where the top of the pocket meets the lining fabric. Fold over the raw edge at the end of the lace trim and stitch a hem to secure. Stitch a large button on the end of the lace trim

Step 7

Tuck the lace into the pockets to keep it out of the way when stitching

Step 8

Layer the outer fabric on top of the pocket/lining fabric with right sides together.

Clip this together leaving an opening along the bottom seam for turning.

Step 9

Stitch all the way around the sides, remembering to leave the turning gap. Using a walking foot makes the stitching easier when sewing the layers together

Step 10

Clip each of the corners to remove excess fabric then turn right sides out. Use a bamboo creaser or chopstick to carefully push out the corners

Step 11

Press the project flat, making sure turning gap seam is positioned correctly then top stitch around all edges closing the turning gap as you go

Step 12

Measure and mark a 2” line from the top edge, topstitch along the drawn line. This will create the fold-over flap to prevent the knitting needles from slipping out

Step 13

Insert the knitting needles in the large pockets and accessories in the small pockets then roll up the storage roll, wrap the lace around and tuck the button in to close.

Made by Angela Harkness for The Craft Cotton Company 2018

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