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New England Jelly Roll Quilt

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Materials used:

1 New England Jelly Roll.

Two Half Metres of Navy and Red Plain Dyed Fabric.

1 Metre of contrasting Fabric to Back & Wadding.

Cut 6 x 2.5’’ strips from contrasting plain dyed fabrics (Selvedge to selvedge)

Join 3 strips together as above and below. Iron seams flat.

R/S together sew down both long sides creating a tube effect.

Using your cutting mat and quilt ruler cut on a 45 degree angle to create square blocks, iron flat.

Place square blocks in desired pattern.

Then add strips to border the centre.

Arrange as desired. Iron seams down flat.

Add the Wadding and backing fabric.

Quilt all layers, I used a free motion sewing foot.

Now to bind the quilt. I used 2” Bias Binding R/S to R/S down the edge of the quilt, sew in the first crease.

When you get to the corners sew to the edge at a 45 Degree angle.

Turn the quilt ready to sew along the next side, fold the bias binding over to the left to create a nice neat seam.

When you get back to the beginning join the two strips of bias binding as below.

Fold bias binding over I then like to hand sew it down.

Your quilt is now complete!

Made by Nicola Hills for The Craft Cotton Company 2018

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