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Fabric Trick or Treat Bowl Tutorial

This was created using The Craft Cotton Co Halloween STAR WARS fabric,

some interfacing and buttons for decoration.

Step 1 Create a circle on your chosen fabric, 1 for the Lining 1 for the outside and 1 from interfacing or fabric which will give the bowl structure. The bigger the circle, the bigger your bowl will be, I use a compass, but you can use a plate or any other circular object

Step 2 Now sandwich the Lining R/S OUT, Interfacing and outside fabric R/S OUT, now through all three layers begin to hand tack around the edge of the circle.

Step 3 When you reach the end, carefully begin to pull the two threads to gather the bowl rim. You can adjust it to whatever size you require. When you have finished, tie the two ends of the tacking cotton to secure.

Step 4 Now take a strip of fabric approx 2” wide (and long enough to go around the rim of the bowl)

Step 5 Create a bias binding, by ironing the fabric strip in half lengthways , fold up the bottom to the middle and then the top to the middle. (This picture also shows how to create the strap)

Step 6 With R/S facing place an un-opened edge or the strip against the top of the bowl, pin or clip, then sew around in the crease with the sewing machine (this can all be done by hand if you prefer)

Step 7 Now fold the binding over the top and into the lining, I always hand stitch at this point so you do not see the stitches on the outside.

Step 8

Last thing is to add a little handle (Optional)

Take a strip, aprx 2” wide and long enough to go from one side to the other, repeat the instructions as for the binding but this time, fold in half on the centre crease and stitch all around the r/s of the fabric.

Hand stitch to the bowl, you can then add buttons or accessories to decorate.

Looks fabulous on a Halloween Table or as a special Trick or Treat bag.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you follow and create please share your makes with me on Instagram @bobbincottagebodkin


Made by Nicola Hills for the Craft Cotton Company 2018

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