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Personalised Reading Cushion

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

For an 18” cushion pad I make a 16” cover, this allows it to look full and plump.

You will need per cushion:

3 FQ in chosen colours 3 contrasting buttons/kam snaps 60cm 1 – 1.5cm wide ribbon matching thread 1 cushion pad


items for applique, such as temporary spray glue/Bondaweb, fabric scraps

Step 1

For the front cut 1 fat quarter 16.5” square (for this you will use a ¼” seam allowance), for pocket cut an oblong 16.5” x 9” in another fat quarter (please note if you have a pattern with a nap the long edges are the tip and the bottom of the pocket), for the back cut 2 of 16.5” x 9” in another fat quarter.

Step 2

At this stage you can apply any decoration to the pocket that you with, such as appliqueing their name or embroidery. When appliqueing I use bondaweb or spray temporary glue then I use a zig-zag or decorative stitch around the edges of the shape, you could always try free-motion embroidery.

Step 3

Take the pocket and back pieces and press to the wrong side on one of the long edges ¼” then ½” and stitch in place. Press well.

Step 4

Place the decorated pocket on the front of the cushion cover front, wrong side (pocket) to right side (cushion front), tack in place.

Step 5

Take the back and lay the hemmed edges over each other and pin/tack in place.

Step 6

Please the backs and fronts together, right sides facing. Stitch all around, trim away the bulkiness of the corners and neaten all edges together.

Step 7

Unpick all tacking and turn right sides out. Give the cover a good press.

Step 8

Attach Kam snap/button/ribbons to fasten back closed. Place cushion pad inside.

Step 9

You can also add a carry handle, do this by taking a strip of fabric (to the length you want) x 2.5” fold in half lengthways, sew ¼” in from the raw edge, turn right sides out and press. Please on top seam in-between the front and back and sew in place.

Step 10

For a bow make strip as above 3” long and place as a loop in between the carry handle. Make the bow by taking fabric 21” x 6”, fold in half-length ways and sew around all the edges, leaving a 2” gap for turning. Trim seam allowance and corners, turn to right sides out, ladder stitch gap closed and press well. Feed bow through loop and arrange to look like a bow. To hold bow in place hand stitch in place on back of loop.

Made by Stephanie Marsh for The Craft Cotton Company 2018

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