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Celebration Bottle Bag

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Project by Michelle at Creative Blonde

Create your own bottle wraps to gift to friends on New Year or other celebrations.

Please read through all the instructions before starting your project

Materials to make one bottle wrap

12” x 20” Hot Pink fabric from Craftcotton

8” square of metallic fabric (for applique design)

8” square of Vlieseline interfacing

8” square of Vlieseline Bondaweb

Gutermann thread

Groves 20” Festive ribbon

Haberdashery items

· Quilter’s ruler, rotary cutter/scissors

· Iron

· Cutting mat

· Basic sewing supplies

· Fabric pen

Let’s get sewing…

Take the main piece of fabric, mark a line 3” from base and another 10” from top (in between these two lines, if where you design can be positioned)

Fuse your piece of interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric, in the centre of the two drawn lines.

To create the ‘2022’ design, print the templates attached in this tutorial , and draw in reverse to the paper side of the bondaweb.

Roughly cut out and fuse to the wrong side of your chosen metallic fabric.

Cut out, peel away paper and fuse in position to your bag.

FMQ around each number

Fold over 4” along the short edge, press and pin in place.

Top stitch 1/8” from raw edge and ¼” from top edge – see photo

If you prefer to create your own tie, cut a piece of fabric 2” x 22”, fold over ¼” length ways along either side of the raw edge and press. Fold in half again and press. Top stitch 1/8” along either side.

Pin your piece of ribbon 4 ½” from new top edge.

Fold your bag in half lengthways - right sides together, sew along the long edge and across the bottom (using ¼” seam allowance)

Press seams open.

Pull ribbon ends out the top, while you create the base of your bag.

Make two triangles in the base of the bag, and draw a line 1 ¼”across both.

Sew along these lines and trim away excess

Turn you bottle bag right side out, and its ready for your favourite bottle of fizz

Be sure to have a go at my other design, see template below, using the same method as the numbers.

To see more of my tutorials, and follow my blog at and/or Instagram page and

Stockist for Fabric

Stockist for Vlieseline Bondaweb and Interfacing

Created by Michelle Roberts for The Craft Cotton Co 2021


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