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Dinosaur Storage Boxes

Project by Nicola Hills

I always use what I have available, so prepare my projects to the size of the fabric.

What you will need:

A set of Age of the Dinosaur fat quarters

Lining Fabric

Interfacing or Bosal Foam


Paper Template, Sewing Machine, Basic Sewing Kit, Iron

How To:

The bag instructions are much the same for most round storage bags.

For the outer take one of the fat quarters fold it in half longways cut into equal halves.

Repeat for the lining and interfacing/Bosal foam pieces.

Create a base, I used a tea plate size template.

With r/s together pin one of the side pieces to the base, for best results use lots of pins, time consuming I know but it won’t work out otherwise, trust me!

When you get back to where you started pinch the two side pieces together to create a seam and sew down.

Then connect the side to the base slowly.

Repeat for the other side, leave a 3” gap in the lining piece to turn out!

Turn the outer bag r/s out.

Put it inside the basket lining r/s together.

Manipulate the 2 bags so the tops match up.

Tip if you made the *spikes sandwich them between the lining and outer basket at this point. Pin.

Stitch around. Turn r/s out through the gap you left. Stitch up the gap, Iron.

How to: Make the spikes

Using another fabric, cut 3 x 2’’ strips lengthways place 2 of them R/S together and draw triangles, these will be the Dinosaur spikes :)

Sew around the lines then cut out leaving a bunting effect.

Turn R/S out and iron.

With the remaining strip fold in half lengthways, press with the iron.

Now fold in each side from the outside into the centre crease you ironed.

Place the triangles into the binding and pin to secure before sewing.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, if you have a go, please share with us

Nicola Hills x

Made by Nicola Hills for The Craft Cotton Company 2020


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