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Father's Day Tie

Project by Helen Bowes

Father’s Day is approaching us so why not get sewing and make a tie this year. There is something extra special when a gift has been handmade and when it’s completely unique.

Step 1: Assemble your materials.

For this project you will need the following supplies:

· Fabric

· Interfacing – ironable light weight

· Interfacing – Non ironable, medium weight (could be fabric rather than true interfacing)

· Template – download here

· Iron and Ironing board

· Sewing machine and matching thread

· Needle

· Pins/clips

· Cutting board, rotary cutter, scissors

· Mark maker

You will need to print the template and assemble this by matching the numbers and letters. There will be three sections as shown below and two pieces for the inside ends of the tie.

Step 2: Cutting the fabric.

For a tie to lie flat against the body once tied, the fabric needs to be cut on the bias. Cutting it straight will lead to the tie twisting once tied. To cut on a bias you need to position your templates so they go diagonally across the fabric against the grain, rather than with the grain of the fabric.

Step 3: Create body of tie.

Iron your lightweight interfacing onto the wrong side of your fabric, trim any excess off once bonded. To create the tie in its full length you need to join the three pieces together. On the wrong side of the fabric mark ¼ inch down from the ends. These will form your seam lines. Now place your pieces together as shown in the photo below and pin in place. Use your sewing machine to sew along the lines to join the pieces. Press flat once sewn.

Step 4: Create end inserts.

Using your template cut out pieces to cover each end of the tie. They do not need to be the full length of the tie as they will be incorporated into the tie and you won’t see part of it. I used a contrasting fabric to give a flash of colour, but you don’t have to. See what works with your fabric.

Your insert pieces want to be slightly smaller than the ends of your tie, so iron the edges in to get the right fit. Once happy lay the pieces right sides together and stitch along the edge. Turn them the right way round and you should have an insert sitting nicely in the tie with no stitches visible.

Step 5: Fold the tie to create final shape.

With the insert attached you can now fold the tie to create its final shape. Turn each long edge of the tie in by 1/8th inch and iron flat. Fold the entire tie in half along its length and gently press this central line. Open it back up again and now fold the edges in so they meet on this central line. Press so they stay in place and the central crease is ironed out. Pin so they do not move.

At this point you can also insert your heavier interfacing or heavy weight cotton. This is easiest cut to the size of your folded tie and then trimmed as you insert it. It does not need to be sewn into place at this stage.

Step 6: Sew your tie together.

To sew your tie together you need to hand stitch using a ladder stitch. A ladder stitch is sewn by going in one side and up the crease, coming out and going straight over the to the opposite side on a straight line. Then turn and go up the inside of the crease before coming out and going straight across and back to the original side. The idea is that it looks like you are creating a ladder out of the stitch. If you have used a heavier weight insert in the tie, then make sure you catch this every few stitches.

Step 7: Finishing touches.

Once your tie is sewn, give it a good press. If you wanted, you could add a little loop to put the thinner part of the tie through when its being worn. All that remains it to wrap it up in some tissue paper, put it in a nice tie box and give it to your dad this Father’s Day.

To see more from Helen, visit her on Instagram @phoenix_crafting

Made by Helen Bowes for The Craft Cotton Company 2021

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