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Harry Potter Drawstring Bag

Project by Lesley Foster at HookStitchSew

Add some extra magic to a gift or project bag with this Harry Potter fabric drawstring bag.


Harry Potter fat quarters set by The Craft Cotton Company





- Gold/yellow

- White/silver






- 70cm long, or two pieces 35cm long


1- Using the two black fat quarters cut out two pieces of fabric 35x45cm. This gives you a front and a back bag piece.

2- Using the squared pattern fat quarter cut out two pieces 35x10cm. This gives you a drawstring section for the front and back.

3- On the piece of paper draw out a circle with a 5cm diameter, and draw out two wing shapes 10cm long. Cut out to make your templates.

4- Use the yellow/gold felt and the circle template to cut out a ball, and the white/silver felt and the wing template to cut out the wings.

5- Sew the ball and wings onto the bottom left corner of the front bag piece using a running stitch.

6- Take the front bag piece and fold over the top edge to the back by 1cm and then 1cm again to create a hem. Sew along this edge to secure. Repeat with the back piece.

7- Place the front and back pieces right sides together and sew down each side and along the bottom.

8- Take one of the drawstring section pieces and fold over the top edge to the back by 2.5cm and repeat with the bottom edge. Place on top of the front of the bag and fold in the side edges to align with the edges of the bag. Pin to secure. Sew along the top and bottom to secure. Repeat with the other piece on the back of the bag.

9- Thread the ribbon through the drawstring section.

To see more from Lesley, visit her on Instagram @hookstitchsew

Made by Lesley Foster for The Craft Cotton Company 2021

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