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Ice Cream Bunting Tutorial

Project by Lesley at Hook, Stitch, Sew

You can never have too much ice cream, and this ice cream bunting is perfect for bringing some extra summery feeling into your garden.









Girls Day Out fat quarter set by The Craft Cotton Company


1- On your paper draw out a circle with a 10cm diameter, and a triangle with a 9cm base and 14cm sides. Cut out to create your templates.

2- Using the templates cut out triangles for the cones (you will need two triangles per cone) and circles for the scoops of ice cream (each cone has three scoops so you will need 3 circles per cone).

3- To make the scoops of ice cream, take the circles and fold in the edge by 0.25cm, sew around with a tacking stitch to secure, pull the thread tight and sew a stitch to secure. Repeat with the remaining circles.

4- To make the cones, take 2 of the cone pieces. Fold the top edges over by 0.5cm and place right sides together, sew down the two sides to secure. Turn out the right way. Slip stitch the top edge closed.

5- Take three of the scoops of ice cream and layout on top of the cone, pin to secure and then sew in place. Repeat with the remaining ice cream cones.

6- To make the binding, cut strips of fabric 5m wide and sew together to make the length of binding required. Next fold in the side edge by 1cm and press, fold in the top and bottom edges so the meet in the middle and press. Finally fold in half again and press. Sew along the bottom edge to secure.

7- Take the ice cream cones and sew onto the binding.

To see more from Lesley, visit her on Instagram @hookstitchsew

Made by Lesley Foster for The Craft Cotton Company 2021

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