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In The Garden Apron

Project by Rebecca Cole

The prints on these garden themed fabrics are so delicious they are just crying out to be turned into an apron. Whether you use this for cooking in the kitchen or pottering around the garden, you will be able to do it in comfort and style!

Time to Make:

1-2 hrs

Skill Level:


You Will Need:

· In The Garden Metre pieces x2

· Sewing machine

· Complimentary sewing thread

· Fabric pen

· Ruler

· Straight pins

· Tape measure

· Fabric scissors

· Iron


1. Fold your main fabric over lengthways, right sides together, approx. 36cm. Draw a line with your fabric pen 36cm along the bottom edge of the fabric starting from the folded edge. Mark a point 12cm along from the folded edge along this same line and then draw a vertical line parallel to the fold 85cm up and top this off with a 12cm line to create an 85cm x 12cm rectangle along the folded edge. Next, draw a vertical line up from the end of the bottom line, 58cm up. Draw a 24cm horizontal line across to meet the other vertical line, creating a 24cm x 58cm rectangle sitting alongside the first one. Now draw a line at 45 degrees from the point where the smaller rectangle meets the longer rectangle. Make this line 8cm long. Now using the lines as a guide, draw a curve the joins the top of the long rectangle, the end of the 45-degree line, and the end of the smaller rectangle. Once completed, cut out your shape.

2. From your second fabric, cut strips for the neck strap and waist straps. You need two at 2cm x 85cm and one at 2cm x 54cm. Using your iron, press in 0.5cm along each long edge and then fold them in half and press, lining up the folded sides. Top stitch along the open side on each strip.

3. Stitch a 5mm roll hem around the curved sides of the apron and press them.

4. Press down 1cm along the top edge and then 2cm to make a large hem. Place the ends of the shortest of the three tapes you just stitched underneath the hem and pin in place. The neck strap will be laying downwards towards the inside bottom of the apron. Stitch along the folded edge, trapping the ends of the neck strap inside. Finally, fold up the neck strap and top stitch along the top edge to hold the straps in the right place.

5. Next place one of the ends of the side tapes at the top side edge. Create a 0.5cm roll hem over the end of the straps and stitch all the way down, neatening the side edges and enclosing the side tapes at the same time.

6. Turn the raw ends of the straps over 0.5cm twice and stitch down to neaten the straps.

7. To make the pocket cut 2 panels 44cm x 22cm. Place them right sides together and stitch a 1cm seam all the way around leaving a turning gap along the bottom long edge. Trim off the excess from the corners and turn through. Pull out the corners and press the edges.

8. Position the pocket piece centrally onto the apron and pin in place. Stitch all the way around the two sides and bottom edges a few mm in from the edge, closing the turning gap at the same time. Reverse stitch at the start and end for added strength. Mark and draw a vertical line down the centre of the pocket piece and top stitch along this line turning one large pocket into 2 smaller ones. Your apron is now complete.

To see more from Rebecca, follow her on Instagram @becky_cole_sews

Made by Rebecca Cole for The Craft Cotton Company 2021

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