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Love & Romance Wedding Horseshoe Favours

Project by SJ Stitchery

A Modern Take on the Traditional Wedding Horseshoe.

You will need:

  • Love & Romance by Craft Cotton Co Fat Quarters/or other quarter metres of fabric

  • Cardboard (ideally packaging card or any other sturdy card)

  • Wadding or Bosal In R Form

  • Ribbons/Beads/Buttons/Any Bridal themed accessories

  • Scissors/ Pins/Thread/Needles

This project is a take on the Traditional Bridal Horseshoe Charms.

Traditionally these were given to the Bride for luck on her wedding day.

Instead of using a mass produced Horseshoe, why not try making your own.

You can personalise the accessories to match the wedding theme.

I like to make sure my horseshoes include;

Something Old

Something New

Something Borrowed

And Something Blue

1. Firstly, you will need a horseshoe template.

There are many free printable templates online or you could draw your own.

Transfer your design onto a piece of sturdy card.

Draw and cut out two identical horseshoe templates.

2. Also, cut two horseshoe templates from Wadding or Bosal In R Form – these will be placed between the cardboard and your fabric.

3. From your fabric, cut two horseshoe shapes about half an inch larger all around than your template – you will need enough fabric to wrap around your cardboard horseshoe.

You will be making two horseshoes which are then joined together using ladder stitch.

4. For each horseshoe, place your cardboard template, wadding and

fabric together and tack all three layers in place.

5. On each piece of fabric, make little snips along the inside of the horseshoe shape at regular intervals, this will allow you to fold the fabric neatly along the curves.

6. Start to fold the fabric around the horseshoe shape and with your needle begin to lace both the sides of the fabric together, pulling your fabric into shape around the horseshoe as you go. It is a good idea to use a double or thicker thread for extra strength.

Don’t worry if this is not too neat as it will be hidden on the inside of the horseshoe.

Lace the second horseshoe in exactly the same way.

7. Take the two horseshoes and place them wrong sides together.

Using small ladder stitches work around the shape, gently pulling the two pieces together.

Your horseshoe is now ready to decorate.

8. I made a lace overlay, keeping in with the bridal theme and used buttons/beads and ribbons to decorate.

I also made some simple flower shapes from coordinating fabric and placed these upon the horseshoe.

Most of all, just have fun making your piece, coordinating with the brides wedding theme.

Add a long ribbon for hanging and you will have completed your horseshoe.

What a beautiful handmade present you will have to give the Bride on her wedding day.

To see more from Sarah, follow her on Instagram @sjstitchery and give her website a visit

Made by Sarah Holliman for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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