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Mens Boxer Shorts

Project by Stephanie Marsh

You will need:

1 pack 5 fat quarters ¾ inch wide elastic Thread

Note: 3/8 inch seam allowance used throughout, unless stated.


Cut the following in the fabric:

2 backs from 2 fat quarters (see diagram below) 2 fronts from 2 fat quarters (see diagram below) 1 waistband 3 ½ x (finished size of waistband on shorts, cut this out once you have made shorts up to waistband as this will depend on size you decide to make) 1 placket 5 ½ x 6 ¾ inches from 1 fat quarter 1 placket 4 x 6 ¾ inches from 1 fat quarter

1. With right sides together join the back pieces together along the crotch. Put to one side.

2. Take the smaller placket piece fold in half lengthwise, wrong sides together. Zigzag (or overlock) the raw long edge and one of the shorter edges.

3. Attach to the crotch edge of one of the front pieces, neatened edge aligned with the raw edge. Press towards the placket.

4. Now take the other placket piece and front leg piece and folding half lengthwise, and neaten exactly the same as with the smaller piece. Attach to the other front boxer short piece as before. Press towards the placket.

5. Take the folded edge of the placket and fold back on itself, line it up with the seam you have just sewn. Then fold it to the wrong side of the boxer shorts. Press in place.

6. Place the first front piece right side upwards then place the second rights upwards overlapping placket pieces, tack in place at the top edge.

7. With right sides facing stitch the rest of the front crotch, then the bottom of the plackets.

8. Sew the inside and outside leg seams together.

9. Measure the waistband and cut a strip that length plus seam allowance (you may have to join 2 pieces together) by 3 ½ inches.

10. Stitch the waistband to the top of the shorts waist.

11. Press waistband and seam allowance up, away from shorts. On unsewn edge press under half an inch, fold the waistband in half, lengthways, matching folded edge with sewn edge. Handsew in place. Leave a couple of inches unsewn.

12. Take the elastic cur to the length of the wearers waist. Thread through the waistband. Machine ends together. Sew last few inches of waistband close.

13. Neaten bottom edge of shorts, turn up to the desired length, on the wrong side, and stitch in place. I took these up by a couple of inches as that is what the wearer preferred.

14. Give them a good press.

To see more from Stephanie, visit her on Instagram @stephanie_j_marsh

Made by Stephanie Marsh for The Craft Cotton Company 2021

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