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'Patchwork Bee' Table Topper

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Project by Sally Joelle

1. Iron your fabric and then cut strips at 21/2”. Use a weight on your ruler to help stop it slipping.

Just as a note, I always starch my fabric when ironing it as I find you get a better cut.

2. You can use any width you like (just as long as all the widths are the same). I cut 5 strips at 2.5”.

3. Use any number of coordinating fabrics - I used 3 fabrics – odd numbers work best.

4. Lay them out in the order you want them.

5. Get your two first strips and put them right sides together (make sure if you’re using directional fabric to have them the same way) and sew at a 1/4” seam. I don’t pin other than at the top, but if you prefer to please do (and I’ll bet your seams are straighter than mine!)

6. Press the seams open (pressing means putting the iron down onto the seam ad lifting it off, then placing it back down and lifting it off. These means that the seams set straighter than if you traditionally iron them)

7. However if like me you’re using a fabric which is very much lighter, make sure to press your fabric towards the darker fabric.

8. Press your panel and cut both ends to straighten them up.

9. Then line it up on your cutting mat. Most sewing cutting mats have degree lines on them - you are going to be using the 60 degree line on your mat and your ruler.

10. Line the 60 degree line on your ruler along the bottom edge of your fabric and from the bottom left corner, lay it up the 60 degree line on your mat and cut.

11. This is the first cut you should have made.

12. Now leave your fabric where it is and turn your ruler round and line the other 60 degree line up with the bottom of the fabric and the top of the ruler to the very top corner of the fabric.

13. Again leave the fabric where it is and twist your ruler so the 60 deg is on the bottom - and from the bottom line the ruler up to create another triangle. Cut.

14. When you have cut all six triangles lay out your triangles in the pattern you want.

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