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Peter Rabbit Christmas Panel

Project by Debbie Shore

This Christmas Peter Rabbit panel can be made up into a number of festive decorations - an advent calendar, gift bags, cushions or a quilt. Here, Debbie has made this panel into an advent calendar!


Peter Rabbit Panel

25” x 44” white fabric

27” x 46” backing fabric [White again if you wish]

26” x 45” wadding

22” of ½” dowelling

18” ribbon

125” of 1” bias binding

Basting spray [505]


1. Cut out your panel pieces, fold over the tops of the small squares to the edge of the outline and sew, then fold the remaining three sides under and press.

2. Cut a strip of white fabric measuring 25” x 5” and two pieces each measuring 10” x 5”. Sew the smaller strips to each side of the main panel piece, trim if necessary. Sew the long piece to the top of the panel. Sew the remaining white piece to the bottom of the panel. Place over the wadding and adhere with basting spray. Arrange the pockets in rows of four and sew around the bottom three sides.

3. Cut a 4” x 20 strip of backing fabric. Fold the short ends over twice by ¼” and sew. Fold the long edges right sides together and sew to make a tube. Turn the right side out, sew to the top of the backing fabric, 1” from the top. Place the panel over the backing fabric, adhere with basting spray, trim all sides to make square.

Apply bias binding all around.

Thread the dowelling through the tube and tie the ribbon to each end.

4. Your panel is ready to fill with treats!

Made by Debbie Shore for The Craft Cotton Company

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