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Peter Rabbit Christmas Stocking

Project by Nicola Hills

What you’ll need:

  • 1/2 Metre of main Fabric

  • 1/2 Metre of lining Fabric

  • Contrasting fabric for Toe & Heel

  • Buttons, Bows & Bells

  • Wadding

  • Ribbon

  • Thread

Tools Required:

  • Basic Sewing Kit

  • Sewing Machine

How to:

Draw yourself a stocking template, or find one to print off from the internet.

Cut out x 2 from main fabric x 2 from lining fabric & 2 x wadding

If you want to add Toe and Heel contrast cut them out now.

Put 1 piece of outer fabric on top of a wadding piece, you may want to pin to secure, then use a heat erasable pen to draw quilt lines to follow. Sew over the lines. Repeat for the second side.

When you have quilted both sides, add the Toe & Heel contrasts, sew to attach.

Place a lining piece on top of the outer R/S down and sew across the top of the leg.

Repeat for the other pieces.

Iron the seams flat, then with the stocking layed out (as above) place the second joined piece on top R/S together with linings/outer fabrics matching. Pin (matching the top leg seam) then sew all around, but leave a 3’’ gap in the top part of the leg lining to turn right side out. Clip into the curve section to lessen the bulk and keep the shape.

Turn R/S out and sew the gap up in the lining.

You can add a cuff, by using a strip long enough and folded in half to go round the top of the leg. Join the strip along the short side first the fold in half.

Tuck 1” into the inside and hand sew neatly.

Last step, add a ribbon to hang, and some accessories if you wish.

The other stocking was made in the exact same way but a Pocket, Toe & Heel were fabric matched and added.

When a fabric is as beautiful as this ‘in my opinion’ less is more, I like to keep it simple.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, if you ‘have a go’ please share with us! Nicola x

Made by Nicola Hill for The Craft Cotton Company 2020

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