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Phone Case and Wallet Fat Quarter Project

Here's a tutorial on how to make this really handy phone case/wallet! I've used a fat quarter pack of this cute cat fabric from The Craft Cotton Company which is perfect for any cat lover, alternatively you can make this using any left over fabric from previous projects! I had fabric left over from my fat quarters that I can save for any smaller makes too.

Here's what you'll need to make this case based on my phone measurements (iPhone X- 3"x 5.5") :

-8"x 10" of outer fabric 

-8"x 10" of lining fabric 

-8"x 10" of wadding - I used single-sided fusible fleece but use what you prefer

- 2 8"x 8" of pocket fabric 

- 1 8"x 6" of pocket fabric 

- 2 4"x 6.5" of flap fabric 

- 2.5" x 14" of strap fabric 

- 1/2" D ring 

- 1" swivel clip

- 1 magnetic snap 

If your phone doesn't measure the same as mine, place your phone on your outer fabric and cut 1" around the phone on 3 sides, then roll the phone over once and add about 1.5" for the middle section of the case.

1. For the pockets, fold the pieces you've cut in half length ways and press. Stitch along the folded line close to the edge. 

2. For the flap, round the bottom 2 corners of each piece of fabric. I used 'fussy cutting' so the cats are in a good position when the case is made!

3. For the strap, press it as you would to make bias binding - fold the long edges to meet in the middle and press.

Now fold the strap in half again width ways so both the long creased edges meet and press. Sew down the length of the strap close to the edge.

Cut off 2" of the strap for the d-ring.

4. Iron the wadding onto the back of the outer piece of fabric. Fleece will give you're phone a bit more protection.

5. Attach one part of the magnetic snap onto the inside piece of flap fabric about 1" away from the bottom edge. Use a small piece of scrap fabric for extra security. Attach the other part to the snap on the outer fabric - fold the outer piece as if the case is already made to see where the snap needs to go (approx. 2" in).

6. Place the flap pieces right sides together and sew around the curved edge and along the sides. Leave the top open as this will be sewn in the lining. Turn right side out and be sure to push out the corners and press.

7. Place the pocket pieces onto the lining piece. The 2 bigger pocket pieces go either end of the lining and the shorter pocket goes over the top of the left longer pocket. This creates the staggered wallet style pockets. Make sure the stitched sides of the pockets are facing inwards. 

Sew down the middle of the staggered pockets and sew a few stitches close to the edges of each pocket to tack in place.

8. Thread the 2" piece of strap through the d-ring and sew to one side of the case in the middle. 

9. Sew the flap to the side of the case - magnetic snap side down.

9. Place the outer piece on top of this right sides together and sew all around the edge with a 1/4" seam allowance. Leave a gap for turning along the middle opposite the d-ring.

10. Cut across the corners, avoiding the stitches and turn right side out. Push out the corners and press. 

11. Top stitch around the entire case and make sure you are able to sew the opening closed while doing this.

12. To sew the strap, thread the strap through the swivel clasp. Zig-zag stitch the ends together.

13. Move the stitched part of the strap so that it is hidden under the swivel clasp and sew across the width to keep in place. 

14. Here is what the finished case will look like!

To see more from Kimberley, visit her blog here!


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