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Pot Holders

Project by Stephanie Marsh

You will need:

2 fat quarters (FQ) Heat resistant wadding Thread


1. Cut out a 6” square in each FQ and the wadding. Sandwich the wadding in-between the 2 FQ 6”’s, right sides outwards. Quilt as mentioned earlier.

2. Round the corners, I used a cup, see below. Trim away any wadding on show and square up the quilted piece.

3. Cut bias strips, 45 degrees from selvedge, 2” wide.

4. Press the strips in half, lengthways, then open up and press raw edges to centre, then fold back up again, as per the loops on the pan handle covers, but do not stitch.

5. Make a loop as the pan handle covers instructions. Pin in place at the edge of the main piece. Unfold the bias binding and lining up raw edges pin and sew around the outside of the quilted pieces, catching in the loop.

6. Wrap the binding over the quilted piece, encasing the raw edges, hand stitch in place.

7. Press lightly

Made by Stephanie Marsh for The Craft Cotton Company 2020


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