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Reversible Bucket Hat

Project by Marie Pickles

A hat is wonderful when the sun is shining the wind is blowing or you just want to hide away for a little while. There are loads of free printable patterns available on the internet so have a look, find something you like and get sewing!

Looking at patterns online, as usual I liked a bit of one and something from another and an idea from something else. I downloaded several patterns, read some tutorials and had a look at a You Tube video. Seeing nothing that really stood out, I made my hat taking bits and pieces from each and came up with my own mix & match bucket hat.

You choose what works best for you or you could freehand a pattern from an existing hat; just remember to leave a seam allowance.

I used and for my pattern outlines.

Supplies Needed

  • 14” width of fabric (140cm) my fabrics are quilting weight fabrics giving a good tight grain which works well with the pattern.

  • 2 pieces of fabric (same size) are required for outer and inner sides of the hat. Fabrics can be pattern and plain or a mix just whatever you fancy. You could use a lighter weight inside if you want to.

  • Some lightweight iron-on interfacing (for the brim and sides)

  • Matching thread

  • Iron

  • Scissors (fabric, paper and craft)

  • Quilting clips or pins

  • Your pattern pieces

  • Tape Measure & Quilt Ruler


1) Cut pattern pieces. Press and attach interfacing if using but cut interfacing 1/4” smaller.

2) Sew pattern together per the instructions pressing each seam as finished and topstitching if required.

3) The order for putting this hat together was: the crown and the brim were sewn then pressed and the seams topstitched, then crown to top, and brim to crown.

The inside was completed in the same order and finally the 2 parts were sewn together.

4) It was finished by sewing circles around the brim to add stability.

5) The main thing I found was the need to press and press and then press again. Match up seams and use clips rather than pins, the pins left holes in my opinion anyway.

It's not a difficult pattern but I did need to concentrate especially with all the topstitching.

If you make one; enjoy!

Made by Marie Pickles for The Craft Cotton Company 2021

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