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Round Drawstring Pouch

Project by Nicola Hills

You Will Need:

1 Set of Fat Quarters

Iron on Interfacing

A Popper.

Tools Required:


Sewing Machine

Basic Sewing Kit

Step by Step:

Choose 2 fat quarters from your set for the main outer and lining.

The third for your drawstring and casing. Iron them ready.

From the Outer, Lining & Interfacing Fabrics , cut 2 large circles (I cut as big as I could go for the size of the Fat Quarter which was my compass outstretched to 8.5”) and a flap piece (3” x 6.5” with one short end rounded off)

Iron the interfacing onto the lining piece of the flap. With R/S together sew all around, just leaving a 2” gap at the bottom for turning out. Cut notches out on the curve before turning out. Press with the iron then topstitch round enclosing the turning gap

The casing used 3 x 3” strips of another fabric which I joined together to make one long piece. Fold in half and iron.

Place the tab on the outer circle piece, pin to secure, a good place would be about 3” in from the edge, mine was placed a little too far in (lessons learned) Sew across the straight end a couple of times.

Take the casing you prepared earlier and open out from the centre crease one end, fold in the sort end about 2” finger press back into the centre, this will create a neat edge.

Pin the casing all around the edge of the outer fabric circle with the raw edges facing out when you get back to where you started, repeat the above step above, leave a 1” gap between the two casing ends.

Now lay the interfaced lining piece face down on top, gradually un-pin and re-pin all three pieces.

Sew all around the outside of the circle. Leave a 3” gap to turn out. Turn out and iron smooth.

The drawstring was a 1.5” strip taken from the width of the fat quarter x 4 sewn together (as above)

R/S together sew down one long side with a 1/4” seam allowance.

Turn right sides out and iron.

Using a bodkin or safety pin, thread through the opening of the casing.

Cinch up your drawstring and mark where the flap sits neatly on the outer part of the bag to place your poppers.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, if you have a go at making this project, please share with us

Nicola Hills x

Created by Nicola Hills for The Craft Cotton Company 2020


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