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Rustic Eggs Fabric Easter Egg Decorations

Project by SJ Stitchery

Make your own re-useable Easter Egg Decorations.

A quick to make Easter sewing project.

You will need

  • One pack of fat quarters or small pieces of different fabrics

  • Toy Stuffing

  • Optional Raffia Wreath Ring for hanging decoration

  • String/Ribbon for decoration

  • Scissors/ Pins/Thread/Needles

Note: Instructions are for making the fabric egg decorations – you can use them in many different ways, as hanging ornaments or to decorate your hanging wreath (the egg template is slightly different for this)


1. First you will need a template for the eggs. You could download a template or draw one similar to the one below.

The egg is made up of six narrow oval shaped segments.

2. Pin the template to your fabric and cut out the piece. I used different fabric pieces for each segment. You will need to cut 6 segments for each egg.

3. With right sides facing , pin two of the fabric pieces together and sew down one side of the shape.

4. Continue to sew all segments of the egg in this way until all six pieces have been sewn together. Leave a gap in one side for turning.

5. Turn the egg inside out and stuff firmly.

Sew up the gap in the side seam.

6. Make a small hole in the top and bottom seams of the egg and thread a length of string up and down the middle of the egg.

Make a knot at the base of the egg and a knot at the top to make a hanging loop.

You could also accessorise or decorate you egg. To keep mine rustic looking I have simply added a little strip of coordinating fabric as a ribbon tie around the middle of the egg.

7. You could arrange six of your fabric eggs in a cardboard egg box to make a perfect Easter gift.

Instructions on how to make an Easter Door Wreath

1. Take a wreath ring of any size.

2. You could use the template for the fabric eggs as above or use the template as shown below, which is slightly flatter in shape.

3. Pin the template to the wrong side of the fabric and sew around the shape, leaving a gap for turning.

4. Turn the egg out the right way and stuff firmly. Sew up the gap.

5. Arrange the eggs around the wreath. I used a ribbon of fabric around the middle of the egg as a tie to secure the egg to the wreath.

6. Accessorise your wreath. You could use flowers or greenery. I have added a little hanging chick decoration into the middle of the wreath – it is just up to your imagination and your personal Easter theme.


To see more from Sarah follow her on Instagram @sjstitchery or visit her website

Made by Sarah Jane for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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