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Tilly and the Buttons Ruched Crop Top

After making a ruched top a few weeks ago I've found that it's quickly become a style I want to make again and again. It looks complicated but is actually simple to do which is always a bonus with homemade clothes. The sewing of this top is a fun process that gives such good results! I love how professional ruched effect is.

This is my second make from the Tilly and the Buttons jersey range with Craft Cotton Co and the fabric was so perfect for this top. I used the 'Allsorts' jersey fabric which is a fun geometric shapes design. I didn't want the print to look too childish which is why I think it works so well with the style of this top. The jersey is the perfect weight for the ruching creating a nice and even bunching effect. 

I decided to add short sleeves partly as I was limited by the amount of fabric I had but also so that the print wouldn't be overpowering. The shorter sleeve worked really well, for me it adds to the summery look of a top that I'll definitely be wearing on holiday. Both the sleeves and the hem are finished with a row of double topstitching to add a professional feel. The v-neck is definitely the hardest part of this top and mine is far from perfect! But the best thing about the ruching is that it hides most of the mistakes. I actually found I really like the v-neck style when wearing this top even though it's not something I've been drawn towards in the past, so I might make myself a v-neck top without ruching at some point.

The longer back balances out the front of this top. As an added bonus, it gives a really nice uninterrupted view of the fabric! You might be able to see that there is actually a scoop in the back neckline. This wasn't something done intentionally and I wouldn't have notice had my mum not pointed it out but it's a random detail that I actually quite like!  While the sleeves are short they're not cap sleeves as I felt it was important to make them long enough to once again balance out the front. I was tempted to make them elbow length, but this has ended up being a nice compromise.

I really love this top! The more complicated design gave a real sense of satisfaction to the making process. It's fun and easy to wear, I really like the style and I think it fits the fabric perfectly. It's definitely one I'll be wearing throughout the summer and hopefully on holiday too.

Made by Anna for The Craft Cotton Company 2020

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