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William Morris Bolster Cushion Cover Tutorial

Project by Kimberley Hind

The Craft Cotton Company have teamed up with The V&A Museum for their second 5-piece collection to celebrate one of the most famous names in the V&A collection, William Morris. The William Morris collection encompasses beautifully intricate and original patterns from the V&A's archive with exceptional quality cotton. See more about William Morris and his designs here This is a tutorial on how to make a stylish bolster cushion with piping detail, perfect for decorating your living space! What you'll need for a 16" cushion: - 11.5x20" of fabric for the centre panel - 2 x 5.5x20" of fabric for either end of the cushion - 2 x 20" ribbon of choice - 2 x 21x1.5" fabric for piping - 2 x 21" piping cord (1/4" wide) - zipper foot for piping

1. Make the piping by pressing the strips of fabric in half width ways and placing the cord inside the fabric up against the fold. Sew in place using a zipper foot on your machine. Repeat for both pieces.

2. Sew the piping right sides together to the centre panel of fabric, still using your zipper foot to get as close as possible to the piping cord.

3. Sew the 2 side pieces of fabric right sides together to the piping cord. Again, make sure you sew as close as possible.

4. Sew the 2 long sides right sides together to create a tube shape.

5. Hem the ends of the cushion cover by folding the edges over twice and sewing. This will become the channel for the ribbon.

6. Make a small hole in the seam of the hemmed edge to thread your ribbon through. Repeat on the other end of the cushion cover.

7. Put the cushion pad inside the cover and tie the ends in a bow to finish!

To see more from Kimberley, visit her on Instagram @whatkimberleymakes and her blog WhatKimberleyMakes

Made by Kimberley Hind for The Craft Cotton Company 2020


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