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Afternoon Tea Cafetiere Warmer

Project by Helen Bowes

Not everyone is a tea type of person, perhaps you are more a coffee person? If so, then this tutorial is just for you. Here we look at how to make a warmer for your cafetiere, so your coffee stays hot for longer.

Step 1: Assemble equipment

To make this tea cosy you will need the following:

  • Patterned fabric for outside –

  • Contrast fabric for lining –

  • Wadding – Heritage quilting wadding

  • Sewing machine and needles

  • Thread – Gutermann Col 800

  • Buttons

  • Pins or clips

  • Scissors

  • Tape measure

  • Fabric pencil, pen or chalk

  • Iron and Ironing Board

  • And most importantly…… Your cafetiere

Step 2: Measure your Cafetiere

To ensure the perfect fit you need to measure round the circumference of your cafetiere and the height of your cafetiere at it tallest. My cafetiere was 12” round its widest sections and 6.5” at its tallest. Add an inch into each measurement and draw a rectangle on paper or card. Cut this out to form the template for your cafetiere warmer. Use this to cut out a rectangle of patterned fabric, lining fabric and wadding.

Step 3: Make your button loops

Ideally you want to cut the fabric on a diagonal to create a strip of bias fabric which will give it a little stretch so it will go over the buttons – this is known as cutting on the bias.

Cut your strip 4” wide by 16” long. Once cut, fold in half lengthways so the right sides are facing and sew down the open long end using a 4/8th inch seam allowance. Use pinking scissors to cut the excess fabric away and then turn the fabric the right way round using a safety pin or bodkin. Press flat and cut away excess material at either end. Cut the length in half so you have two pieces around 7” in length. Fold so that you create an arrow shape and sew the head of the arrow down, so it doesn’t open up.

Step 5: Get sewing

Place the wadding on the bottom with the lining fabric face up on top. Place your button loops at one end facing inwards so the raw edges line up with the raw edge of the lining fabric. You want to position the loops so they will sit inside the handle of your cafetiere. Sew around the outside of your rectangle using a 4/8th inch seam allowance and leaving a 3-inch gap at the short end without button loops. Try and make the corners rounded as you sew.

Step 6: Finishing your cafetiere warmer

Turn the whole thing the right way round through the gap you have left making sure your corners are all pushed out. Fold the raw edge in and top stitch it down. Continue the top stitch round the whole of your cafetiere warmer. If you want to you can quilt your warmer at this stage or just leave it as it is. To quilt draw diagonal lines perpendicular to each other and sew along these lines. Finally work out the position of your buttons and sew them into place.

Step 7: Make a pot of coffee, sit back and enjoy

To see more from Helen follow her on Instagram @phoenix_crafting or Facebook @PhoenixCrafting1.

Made by Helen Bowes for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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