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Tammy’s Valentines Pyjamas Set

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Project by Tammy Silver- @tammy_silver

Hello beautiful people! That time of the year has finally come around again, yes, I’m talking about Valentine’s Day. I could not pass up the opportunity to sew myself something new. Self-care is after all my favourite type of love.

I’ve been in need of pyjamas for a while. Usually, I just throw on whatever and call it a night. This cherry print fabric was perfect for the sewing project I had in mind.

Step 1 I’m using a self-drafted pattern for both my PJ shorts and top. If you’re looking start your self-drafting journey, try tracing a pattern from your ready-to-wear clothes or hack a sewing pattern you already have at home.

Step 2 I cut out my pattern pieces on the fold and overlock the raw edges.

Step 3

I pin my pockets, placing them right sides together to the front and back of my trouser pieces. Sewing along the straight edge.

Step 4

I place my front and back trouser pieces together and sew along the curve of the pockets. I left an opening of 5” so my hand can comfortably fit inside.

Step 5 Time to attach the two trouser legs together. I do this by placing one trouser leg inside the other, right sides together and sewing along the crotch seam.

Step 6

Now unto my favourite part, which is of course the piping. I’ve opted for red, to give the shorts a pop of colour. I finish my trousers by adding cuffs to each leg and adding elastic to the waist.

Step 7

Onto my PJ top; I sewed darts to the front which in hindsight I should have left out. The top is oversized so doesn’t actually need shaping around the bust area.

Step 8

I sew the side seams. Then I cut a long strip of fabric that is double the length of my top hem. I sew the gathers unto the bottom of my top, right sides together.

Step 9

Last but not least I finished off my top by adding piping to the neckline and sewing my straps.

Satisfying projects are honestly the best. The PJs are comfortable and easy to wear. I’m wishing you all a great Valentine’s Day however you’re spending it! I’ll most likely be lazing around my house in my newly made PJs.

To see more from Tammy follow her blog or follow her on Instagram @tammy_silver .

Made by Tammy Silver for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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