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Dinosaur Pencil Case Roll

Project by Katie Done- The Fabric Squirrel

The latest Craft Cotton and Natural History Museum collaboration is out soon, I have forgotten which number collection this is now but they just keep getting stronger. When I was asked if I wanted to make anything with them, I knew exactly what to do. George has really got into drawing again over the last few months, much to my delight. For Christmas we got it him different types of pens to help encourage him, including a range of Sharpies. I decided this fabric would be perfect to make him somewhere to keep them all.

You Will Need:

  • Dinosaur Fat Quarter Bundle

  • Rotary Cutter, Ruler and Mat

  • Sewing Machine

  • 1 m Ribbon

  • Air Erasable Pen

  • Bosal Foam Interlin ing (or your preferred wadding)


  • Cream - 2 – 4½ " x 21" (21" is around the width of your fat quarter)

  • Blue Dinosaur Names - 21" x 14"

  • Turquoise - 21" x 14"

  • Bosal Foam Interlining - 21" x 14"

Seam Allowance – ¼"


1. With your two cream pieces of fabric, fold them in half length ways along the long edge. I have deliberately made them this width to make the most of the fat quarter.

2. Using an air erasable pen or chalk, mark where you want your pen pockets to be. I have done mine 1¾" apart, although in hindsight, I would probably make them a little narrower.

3. Line up the cream fabric on the long edge of the dinosaur named fabric. Baste it into place on the short edges and the raw long edge. Top stitch over the lines you have made, backstitch over the start and end points.

Repeat this on the other side.

4. Layer up the wadding or foam, turquoise and the pocket piece, as shown below with the fabrics facing each other. Around 3.5" from the corner on each short edge, place a ribbon and pin to place with the ribbon sandwiched inside. I have used the ribbon from the fat quarter pack and cut it in half. Pin the fabric in place and sew all the way around leaving a 2-3" gap to turn it out. Clip the corners before you turn it out.

5. Give it a good press. The foam I have used is fusible so, I have given it a good press on both sides although this is optional.

6. Top stitch all the way around, ensuring you catch the opening on both sides.

Fill with pens and you are done! To roll the case I have laid one ribbon in the inside and the other ties around the roll. Hopefully the video helps to show what I mean.

To see more from Kate follow her on Instagram @thefabricsquirrel

Made by Kate Done for The Craft Cotton Co 2022

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