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Dog Walking Bag

Project by Emily Roberts

Fabric: Freddie & Friends at the Park

Forever putting things in your pocket when taking the dog on the walk or don't have pockets and have phone, keys and the dogs treat all in your hands? Make yourself this handy dog walking bag and have your hands free to enjoy the walk.

You will need:

  • Freddie and friends fat quarter bundle

  • X2- 1 inch D rings

  • 1" adjustable bag slider

  • X1 curtain grommet Wadding

From your fat quarter bundle, you will need to cut:

  • x2 outer bag pieces measuring 8" by 9"

  • x2 lining bag pieces measuring 8" by 9"

  • x2 pieces of wadding measuring 8" by 9 "

  • x1 outer flap measuring 8" by 6.5 "

  • x1 Lining flap measuring 8" by 6.5"

  • x1 wadding measuring 8" by 6.5"

  • x 2 poo bag pocket pieces measuring 8 " by 5 "

  • x2 Treat pocket pieces measuring 8" by 6.5 "

  • x2 D Ring tabs measuring

  • For the strap I used scraps and joined them together they need to be 4" wide and once joined together about 42 " in length

How to make:

Step 1: Take your 2 poo bag pocket pieces and place them right sides together. Sew along the top edge. Flip so wrong sides are together and press then top stitch along the edge that you have sewn. Repeat this process with the treat pocket pieces.

Step 2: Take your curtain grommet and an erasable pen. And place it on the right side of the poo bag pocket. Draw around the centre circle wherever you would like the poo bag dispenser. Using some small scissors cut out the small circle through both pocket pieces and then open your grommet place the pocket between both pieces and snap the grommet in place.

Step 3: Place the poo bag pocket on top of the main front bag piece with the back of the pocket facing the right side of the bag. Sew down the side edge, along the bottom and back up the other edge. Repeat with the treat pocket on the back bag piece.

Step 4: Fuse the wadding to the wrong side of the lining pieces of the bag and flap. Place the 2 flap pieces right sides together sew down the short edge, along the bottom and back up the other short edge. Turn the right sound out and press and top stitch the edges you have just sewn.

Step 5: Take your 2 outer bag pieces that now has the pockets attached. Put them right sides together and sewn down the side, along the bottom and back up the opposite side. Leave the top edge free. Repeat with the lining pieces but leave a gap along the bottom edge about 4 inches for turning later.

Step 6: To make your strap sew all your scraps together along the short edges to make one long strip. Press the seams open. To make the strap press the strip in half lengthways, open back out and then press each long edge to the centre crease you have just made. Finally press in half again. Sew down both long edges to secure.

Step 7: Take your Flap and your outer bag. Place the flap on the inside of the bag, at the back with the right side of the flap facing the right side of the bag. Align the edges at the top and sew in place within the ¼ seam allowance. This is just to hold it in place for now.

Step 8: Take your D ring tabs and press the two outer long edges into the centre and then press in half, sew down both edges to secure.

Step 9: Thread the D Ring tab through your d ring and fold it in half over it so short edges are together. Place the raw edge of the tab (now with d ring attached) to the top of the outer bag on the side seams so it is central. Do the same with the second tab on the other side seam.

Step 10: Take your lining piece (Wrong sides still facing outwards.) and place it over the outer bag so that the outer bag ends up inside the lining and right sides should be facing. Make sure the d ring tabs and flap are sandwiched between the two layers. Sew all the way around the top edge.

Step 11: Turn the bag the right way out through the gap you left in the bottom of the lining. Place the lining inside the outer bag and then top stitch around the top edge of the bag. It’s nice to lengthen your stitch length here to about a 3.

Step 12: The final step is the strap. Take the strap and your adjustable slider. Thread the strap through the left hand d ring and fold over the end by about 1 inch. Make sure the folded in part is facing on the inside so when you are wearing the back you wont see it. Sew it down in place. Thread the other end of the strap through the adjustable slider and then down through the other D ring (again make sure you are feeding it towards the bag so that stitching will end up on the inside) Then finally thread through the back of the adjustable slider and turn the end down and sew in place.

All that’s left to do is add your poo bags, stick the treats in the treat pockets along with all you other essentials and take your furry friend for a walk! Enjoy!

To see more from Emily, follow her on Instagram @emibdesigns, Facebook and check out her website!

Made by Emily Roberts for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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