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Easter Egg Table Runner

Project by Michelle Roberts at Creative Blonde

Follow this tutorial to make your own Easter Egg Table Runner using these beautiful pastel FQ packs from Craft Cotton Co. This table runner will make a colourful impact to your table, ready for Easter celebrations!

Please read through all the instructions before starting your project

Finished size 13 ½” x 32 ½” (seam allowance 1/4” and has been added to measurements)


  • A selection of 8 FQs in pastel shades from Craft Cotton Co

  • 32” x 10” piece of ‘Essentials Daisy white’ fabric

  • FQ Vlieseline Interfacing

  • 36” x 12” piece of Vlieseline Thermolam

Haberdashery items

  • Quilters ruler, rotary cutter/scissors

  • Iron

  • Cutting mat

  • Basic sewing supplies

  • Fabric pen

  • Odif 505 temporary adhesive spray

  • Easter Egg template - click here to download

Making the Easter Eggs

Lets get sewing…

Begin by printing 5 copies of the easter egg template.

Cut 24 strips 3” x 7” from the pastel fabrics (6 for each egg)

Take one print out and cut around the inner edge of the egg. Place the first strip right side up, on the reverse of the template, overlap the first line by ¼”. Flip over and sew along the drawn line, through the paper and fabric. Place the second strip in the same place, but lay it right side down.

Press over and repeat process with the third piece – see photos below

Excess fabric can be trimmed, but be careful not to cut through the template

Keep adding strips, till your egg is complete, and looks like the photo below

Trace 4 eggs onto the interfacing using the outer line of the egg template. Remove paper and fuse to interfacing.

Using the same template cut out around the outer edge, lay over you FPP (foundation paper pieced) egg and draw round it. Cut out. Repeat process to make 4 eggs in total.

Take the solid white fabric piece, and baste your eggs in place.

FMQ (free motion quilt) around each egg, twice.

Create the surround but cutting two 32” x 2 ½” strips* and two 10” x 2 ½”

*join two strips (19” long) together to create the length, by placing RST and sewing along the diagonal – shown in photo below

Join the two shorter pieces first, press seams open.

Sew the remaining two strips and press seams open.

Create the backing, by cutting various widths of fabric from your pastel FQ packs, all 12” long. Join them together till you reach 36”. Press seams open.

Baste to Vlieseline Thermolam. Quilt using your preferred method, trim excess and bind.

Your table runner is complete.

To see more of my tutorials or to place an order, you can head over my website and/or Instagram page and

Stockist for Fabric

Stockist for Wadding

Created by Michelle Roberts for The Craft Cotton Company 2021

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