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Field of Memories - A Description by the Designer

Written by Paula Milner AKA The Crafty Lass

Sales Sheet Description:

Inspired by the wide variety of poppies grown across Britain - 'Field of Memories' is an eclectic and colourful celebration of this iconic flower. Hand drawn by Paula Milner - The Crafty Lass, each design is named in admiration of special people in her own life. A joyful, commemorative collection that she hopes inspires you to get creating with these vibrant and delicate florals.

Red poppies came to signify remembrance after the WW1 remembrance poem, In Flanders Fields, by J. McCrae.

All my illustrations start with a simple black fine-liner pen on marker paper, I use the Winsor and Newton brush and promarker alcohol pens to then flood with colour. It is then very much a collaborative process with the Craft Cotton Co designers to translate the ideas on to a computer, and then agree the designs that should make up a fabric range!


Lilian’s Garden

Lilian was my grandma, and I can remember my grandparents little Summer house and lots of pots dotted around their patio flowing with beautiful blooms. This design feels like such a warm, celebration of so many varieties of British poppies – beyond just the traditional reds.

Ann’s Love

Ann was my Auntie – and she absolutely adored poppies. She LOVED red poppies, and these were all over her garden, and house décor! It felt only right to honour her with naming this design in such a way. I really love the warm blue behind these poppies that really makes the vibrant red stand out.

Sweet William

Sweet William is the flower variety shown amongst the big red poppies. Did you know that in floriography (the language of flowers) the Sweet William represents - admiration, passion, love, and gratitude! William is a very common name on both sides of both my, and my husband’s family, and so also feels very special to have this named as such.

Bunny’s Delight

I just love the combination in this design from the large Poppy florals, amongst the mix of buttercups, Sweet William inspired flowers and lots of small ditsies. The small ditsy flowers were originally inspired by the small petals amongst ‘Cow Parsley’ – which grows in abundance around my house in Northamptonshire. There are lots of rabbits bounding around here too! Bunny was also my Auntie Ann’s nickname – so it is another little nod to her in the naming of this design.

Blue View

The blue Himalayan Poppy whilst originally not a British flower – it can and does grow here… It suits acidic soil and climates similar to the Scottish highlands! They can also grow up to 1m tall! My mum grew up on the southern Irish coast, and my parents now live on the Isle of Wight. ‘Blue View’ felt an apt name for both the poppy variety, but also the physical views of our family!

This is the 3rd range by Paula for Craft Cotton Co.

With her newest range 'Sea in Colour' launching early next year!

To see more from Paula, follow her on Instagram @thecraftylass, Facebook and check out her website!

Written by Paula Milner for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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