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Halloween Superhero Costume

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Project by Nicola Hills

Create an amazing dressing up costume for halloween or just for fun with this superhero cape and mask. This can be personalised to suit your very own little superhero! This was made to fit a toddler.

You will need:

(For the Cape, Mask & Wings)

Half a metre of Super Hero Fabric

Half a meter of Black Fabric

Stiffener, either firm Interfacing or Bosal Foam

Lining Fabric for Mask

Thin Elastic

Bias Binding (optional)


Felt Square


Basic Sewing Kit

Sewing Machine

Paper & Pencil


Method: Mask

I found a mask template on the internet, free to download, or you could design your own.

Cut the lining fabric slightly bigger than the outer fabric for the mask.

Place the outer and lining fabrics R/S together.

Make a small pleat in the lining fabric between the eyes of the mask before pinning.

Sew around the eyes.

Cut vertical through the pleat you made in the lining fabric.

Turn right side out through the eye, finger press to flatten out.

Top stitch around the eye.

*With the little excess fabric you left between the eyes in the lining, gather & stitch them together now. This had to be done to enable you to pull right sides out through the eyes. Cut off any extra.*

Sandwich the stiffener between the lining and outer fabrics, from the eyes upwards.

Place the template on top, pin to secure then sew round to create the mask shape.

Cut out close to, but not through the top stitches.

You can add some decorative top stitches.

I then sewed some thin elastic to the sides (which has been popular for face masks).

Your mask is complete!

Method - Cape

The cape was simply made from a rectangular piece apprx 20’’ x 30”.

Sew a 1/4” seam around both sides & the bottom.

Create a 1” top section to allow elastic to be threaded through.

Method - Wings

Draw a ‘batwing’ style template.

Cut out 2 from the black fabric and 1 from Stiffener ( I found it easier to cut out on the fold)

Sandwich the stiffener in between the R/S facing together fabrics and sew around.

*leave a 3’’ gap at the top to turn out*

Turn right sides out and press flat with an iron.

I chose to bind the edges with red bios binding, it was a job for the patient, as it was hand sewn!

(and I had to make two) but I felt it added impact and was worth the effort, however you may chose not to do this :)

Last but not least every little super hero needs their initial to stand out so we know who they are, right?

I drew the initial onto some Heat’n’bond then ironed onto the black fabric, cut it out and put it onto the bright green felt shape.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, any questions please feel free to ask:

We love to see your makes so do please share your Super Hero Costumes with us :)

Nicola Hills x

Made by Nicola Hills for The Craft Cotton Company 2021

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