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Hedgehog Cushion

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Project by Stephanie Marsh

Make a lovely hedgehog theme cushion with this fun fabric and some hexies.

You will need:

  • 19” square hedgehog fabric

  • 1m pink/white polka dot fabric

  • Small about of brown fabric

  • 2 small brown/black buttons

  • piping cord

  • 18” co-ordinating colour zip

  • Bondaweb

  • Co-ordinating Thread

  • Paper

  • 20” Cushion Pad

Finished measurement for cushion cover is 18” square.

½ inch seam allowance used unless stated.


1. Cut out 1 x 19” square in the hedgehog fabric and 2 rectangles 19” x 10” in the polka dot fabric. Put to one side.

2. Cut out strips 1.25” wide x enough to go around the whole of the cushion, plus a little extra, on the bias. I find this easier using a quilting rules and rotary cutter. Join if necessary – see picture below, press any seams open.

3. Fold Strip in half lengthways, wrong sides together. Place piping cord in between the fabric, as near the fold as possible. Using a zipper foot stitch as close to the cord as possible. Put to one side.

4. Cut 10 1 ¾” hexagonal in paper. Pin to the polka dot fabric, leaving a good border around them.

5. Cut them out, leaving a ¼” border around them.

6. Fold the fabric edges over the paper, to the wrong side and tack in place.

7. Layout in a row of 3, then a row of 4 then a row of 3. Using an overstitch sew them together in the shape of the hedgehogs body, use the picture for layout.

8. Press well. Place on bondaweb and draw around the shape.

9. Take the tacking out and remove the paper (you can keep these to re-use at a later date), be careful to keep the raw edges turned under.

10. Iron the bondaweb onto the wrong side of the hedgehog’s body. Put to one side.

11. On the bondaweb free draw the hedgehogs body and legs (remember that you are drawing the opposite way to how they will appear on the front of the cover). Cut them out roughly and iron onto the wrong side of the brown fabric. Cut out neatly.

12. Score the backing paper on the bondaweb that has been ironed onto the body, legs and head of the hedgehog. Position on the main hedgehog fabric, steam iron in place.

13. Using one of the embroidery stitches or a close zig-zag stitch sew all around the hedgehog, including where the body is over the legs and head. I used a blanket stitch. Stitch a button for it eye and nose.

14. Take the piping cord and stitch in place all around the edge of the hedgehog fabric, lining up the raw edged. Where the cord starts and finishes overlap slightly and stitch slightly off the edge. Curve the corners alight, snip the binding if necessary. Put to one side.

15. Take the 2 rectangle and press under ½” on one of the long edges on each piece. Please the zip along each of these edges. Using a zipper foot stitch in place close the zipper teeth.

16. Take this and the hedgehog front and place right sides together. Match corners, pin and stitch around all 4 sides. Remember to have the zip open a bit.

17. Turn right sides out and press well. Fill with cushion pad.

Inspired by Donna the Hedgehog

To see more from Stephanie, visit her on Instagram @stephanie_j_marsh

Made by Stephanie Marsh for The Craft Cotton Company 2021

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