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Meet Beth Salt... designer of Enchanted Wings

Hi Beth, we are so excited about your new fabric collection, Enchanted Wings. Your Tropical Leopard designs were so popular!

How did you get in to the world of craft?

Hi Talia! I first discovered Printed Textile Design whilst I was studying, I was actually enrolled onto Graphic Design but I didn’t feel like it was very ‘me’ so I asked to change my course after discovering what Surface Pattern Design is! I was lucky enough to be able to switch courses to Printed Textiles and I am so pleased because I think it opened up a world I didn’t even know existed. It has led me onto amazing opportunities and I absolutely love being a designer, it is so exciting seeing my paintings evolve into designs and onto actual fabric!

What inspired your second collection Enchanted Wings?

After the wonderful success of the Tropical Leopard collection, I really wanted to continue with a theme of imagined creatures, the purple and pink Leopards were a colourful twist on real creatures – bringing a real and imagined world together, allowing me to use bold, bright colours to create eye-catching animals. I chose Beetles and Butterflies for the Enchanted Wings collection as I felt these could give me scope to create detailed, pretty designs and tell a story of a magical, enchanted land. Inspired by the vibrant, incredible species of Beetles and Butterflies found in nature I combined these with my own ideas of delicate floral, leafy patterns. I have always loved these types of insects, so creating a collection inspired by them was a great opportunity to bring my own style together with nature and create five designs full of imagined colour and wonder.

Tell us a little about the process of first idea to finished fabric.

Creating the five fabric designs always begins with an ideas board, full of theme imagery, a colour palette and an idea of the direction of design styles that I’d like to go forward with. The Craft Cotton Co team and I work together to decide on a finalised idea I then start working on.

I always begin with getting my initial ideas down in a sketchbook using Gouache paints. I create individual motifs by hand as I feel this brings out my creativity in the best way, rather than sitting straight down to design digitally, once I have a few pages of ideas I will scan the paintings in and begin creating digital versions of each that I choose to use. Creating them digitally enables me to change colours easily and then I put them into a repeated fabric design, throughout the process I check in with the team and review the designs and carry out any colour changes to make sure the collection is working well as a whole.

How do you see these fabrics made up?

I would love to see these fabrics made up as a set of cushions, children’s clothing, shopping bags, plant pot holders/ fabric storage boxes!

I’d really love to see the Beetle design made up as an adult size boilersuit! I think it would be a real statement outfit!

What do you have planned next?

I’m very lucky to have been asked to design a third pack of Fat Quarters which are currently being sampled! I’m really looking forward to seeing the third pack printed onto fabric and see the designs come to life. I would love to continue designing for the Craft Cotton Co as it’s such an enjoyable process and seeing the fabrics with my designs on them will never get old.

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