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The Festival of Quilts 2021

"The Festival of Quilts was launched in 2003 in partnership with The Quilters’ Guild as a hub for people from all over the world to come together and share their passion for quilting. 17 years on and it is now the biggest quilting show in Europe attracting over 26,000 quilting fanatics each year. It is also home to the largest open quilt competition in the world."

We had a fabulous time at this years Festival of Quilts. It's one of our favourite craft events of the year and it was so lovely to be able to walk around and soak up all of the talent and creativity from quilters around the globe. The festival felt especially Covid safe and there was a clear trend of 'lockdown' amongst many of the designs. It's inspiring to see how something bleak like staying indoors because of a virus can be interpreted into something so imaginative and beautiful. It was especially wonderful to see some of our amazing bloggers, awesome customers and sewing friends that we have missed so dearly.

Here are some of our team's favourites from the day, we forgot to get credits from some of them so if you know who made them please let us know!

Talia's favourites -

Graffiti Gang - Moira Neal and William Pengelly

Histon, Cambridge, UK

Perpetual Emotions - Paula Steel

Coventry, UK

Keeping The Homeless Warm - Bethan Ash

"The material content in the conception of a Welsh blanket, brings to light many of the uncomfortable truths of todays society"

Harmony Between the Selves - Selby Hurst Inglefeld

Los dos años de Paula - Juana Castañeda Romera

Alex's favourites -

Meet me Today - Pascale Michalski

Vicky's Favourites -

Floating Village - Lena Meszaros

Orsay, France

Some special mentions... we loved this 2020 Reflections - A Community Group Quilt by The Rainbow Quilters (from Lincolnshire) and we spotted some of our gardening fabric!

Jewish New Year Fruits and Honey mini quilt by Andrea Brooks @dressmakingbyandrea

Prejudice to Pride in Cheshire - Molly Brown and Stan Hill

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