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Week 6 - Small Star Block

Project by Katie at The Fabric Squirrel

The small stars will be your corners of the quilt. In this tutorial I will show you how to make flying geese with no waste.

You will need four of these blocks.

Seam Allowance: ¼”

Unfinished size: 8½" Square

Finished size (when sewn into your quilt): 8" Square

Here's a video to help:


Width x Height (cut one unless otherwise stated)

White Background

5¼" Square

8 - 2½” Square


4½” Square


6 - 2 7/8" Squares


1. To make the centre first add easy triangles to the opposite corners of your tree square using two of your white squares. Trim and press.

2. Add two more squares to the remaining corners. Trim and press.

3. Now with your large white square, place two blue squares on opposite corners. Make a line from one corner to the other and sew ¼” each side of the line. Cut down the line and press them open.

4. Add another blue square to the corner of the white, as shown. Draw a line down the centre and sew a ¼” each side of the line. Cut down the line and press. Repeat on the other one.

You should now have 4 flying geese. They should be 4½” x 2½” at this point, you may need to trim them to size.

5. Arrange your star as shown. Now just sew them together, rows first.

You now have your first small star, just three more to go!

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