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Wind Break Pattern

Project by Katie Done at The Fabric Squirrel

It gets harder and harder to think of new things to create that I haven't written about before. Since I had gone for a seaside theme with my other Snoopy makes, I thought about what other seaside makes I could come up with. I had plenty of fabric to play with and so I thought I would give a windbreak a go. It was so easy, and I cannot wait to take it with us for extra wind protection and shade the next time we are able to visit the seaside.

You will need

  • Pink Fabric 120cm

  • Green Fabric 120cm

  • Blue Fabric 120cm

  • Lining 360cm

  • Wooden Steaks 1.5m x 30mm

  • Drill

  • Interfacing Offcuts

  • Sewing Machine

  • Loop Turner

  • Fabric Marker

  • Ruler

  • Pins


1. Measure and cut your fabric. In each colour they will need to be 120cm and the full width of the fabric which is usually around 112cm wide. I did some research, and this seemed to be the average height of most windbreaks. You could of course make yourself a smaller version. Cut the lining to the same size. I have used a lovely pale yellow. Measure the width of your fabrics and trim one if needed so they are both the same width.

TIP: I sell fabric by the long quarter, as do many fabric shops so you could order 1m + 1 long quarter for 125cm pieces rather than round up to 1.5m if you don't need it. OR you could make the matching beach bag with the extra fabric.

2. This was such a large project, it was really hard to get good pictures on my kitchen floor. Sew the three parts of the lining and the three main fabrics together at the side seams so you have two large pieces.

3. With right sides together pin the lining to the front, matching up at the seams.

4. Sew the sides and top with a 1/4" seam allowance.

5. On the seams where the lining and front meat, iron on some pieces of interfacing. This will add strength to the fabric where the steaks will be.

6. You will need 4 ties. Cut 4 2" wide x 18” long strips. I have done this in the pink. Sew them along the long edge with right sides together and then turn them out. I have used my trusty loop turner.

7. Turn over the ties twice at one end and top stitch.

8. Press the bottom edge of the windbreaks by 1" all the way around the front and lining. Make a mark 2" either side of each seam and 3" from each end. Top stitch and backstitch at the marks you have made.

9. Place a tie where the fabric meets on the front and back and stitch in place. Do this on the front and the lining but on the two ends, stitch two in place.

10. Use a fabric marker and a ruler to mark 3" from the ends. Mark 2" either side of the middle seams. Add some pins to keep the fabric from slipping. Sew with a straight stitch over the line you have made. Backstitch at the start and end.

11. Pin the bottom edge together, match up the seams. Top stitch all the way along the bottom up to the top stitching you have already done. You need to leave a gap for the steaks to be threaded though.

12. Put your wooden steaks into the channels you have created and mark the end. You will need to drill some holes at this point to thread the ties through. This will prevent it from riding up. Once you have your holes, thread one of the ties in and tie a bow. Your windbreak is now complete!

You are going to look fabulous on the beach with your one of a kind windbreak. I would love to hear from you if you give it a go.

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Made by Katie Done for The Craft Cotton Company 2021

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