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Zipped Cushion

This is a cool retro project for your home. Knowing how to make a cushion can transform any room in your house and give it a fresh new look that you can easily keep changing. The pillow was made using our campervan cotton print and would look great in our brand new Retro Scooters cotton print.

'If you want to make something for your home and you’re itching to get sewing on your sewing machine, cushions are as good a place as any to start. There are lots of different ways you can make cushions, from simple envelope style covers to cushion covers that incorporate button holes and zips.

The zipped cushion cover is one many people are put off by, due to the need to insert a zip. However it needn’t be tricky, once you know how you’ll wonder why you’d not done it sooner!'

Have a go at this tutorial to give your home a new theme!

By Caroline Giles for Hobbycraft

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