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Flamingo Bolster Cushion

Flamingo Bolster Cushion

Tutorial by Sarah Holliman at SJStitchery

Quick and easy project to make a beautiful bolster cushion for your home.

Pretty decor project for Spring

You will need:

Two half metre pieces of coordinating Chambray fabric

Two metres of trim

A bolster cushion inserts (I used a 17-inch feather filled insert)

Two metres of Cord piping (1/4 inch)

Two Self covering buttons

Fabric featured is the cotton oxford chambray by The Craft Cotton Company. Please contact us for your local stockists. Alternatively you can purchase this online at Hobbycraft


I love this new Chambray Fabric from Craft Cotton Company. It is perfect for a Spring project. I used two slightly different shades of fabric to make my cushion and the result is so pretty.

To make your Bolster Cushion

Dimensions in this tutorial are based on a 17-inch bolster cushion insert.


1.  First, cut out the central panel. You will need to cut one piece of fabric measuring 18 inches wide by 27 inches long. Also, cut two side pieces measuring 4.5 inches wide by 27 inches long (these end pieces can either be cut from the same fabric or a coordinating fabric like mine).

You will also need to cut two strips of fabric measuring 2 inches wide by 30 inches in length for the piping.


2.  Make your piping strips by placing the piping inside the 2-inch strip of fabric.  Tack the piping cord firmly inside the fabric.

3. Take the front panel, right side facing upwards and place your piping strip along one edge with the raw edge facing outwards.  Then place your 4.5 inch side panel on top of the piping piece to form a three layer sandwich of fabric.

4.  Position the machine foot so it is flush to the cord and sew down the panel to secure the piping.

5.  Repeat for the opposite side of the central panel.

 You will now have one central panel with two end panels attached.

6. Press all three panels with an iron, making sure to press the seams inwards towards the centre of the cushion (this will help the pleated ends of the cushion stay neat and ensure the piping fits neatly around the cushion ends). 


7. If you wish to add a trim to your cushion, it is a good idea to do it at this stage before constructing the cushion.  For my flamingo trim, I initially machine stitched this to my panel but found the design was very intricate and needed hand stitching to secure all the outlines of the flamingos.


8. With right sides together, place the top and bottom sides of the cushion panel together, matching the seams carefully.  Pin together. 


9.Sew along the edge to form a tube.  I also over stitched the edges of the hems to prevent any fraying.

10. Turn the tube out the right way.  Insert your bolster inner, taking time to smooth out the fabric and pull into place. 


Make sure the piping seams sit neatly around the cushion inner.


Your bolster is now starting to take form.


11.  To form the pleated ends of the cushion, take one end piece and using very strong cotton thread, carefully sew a row of running stitches approx. 1 inch from the edge of the fabric. 


12.  Pull the running threads carefully as tight as possible to form the pleated end of the cushion. 


There will be a small gap, but this will be covered by the button detail. 


Repeat for the opposite end of the cushion.


13. Make a covered button as per the manufacturer’s instructions, I used the Sew Hemline 29mm Self Cover Buttons. They were very easy to make a gave a great finish.


14. Sew the button to the cushion, covering the gathered hole. Repeat for the opposite end and your bolster is finished.




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