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Autumn Home Decorations - Velvet Pumpkin Ideas

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Project by Nicola Hills

5 handmade velvet pumpkins in various autumnal colours.

If you are wanting some pumpkin ideas to decorate your home, these velvet pumpkins are very easy to make and require little or no sewing experience or kit, they can be hand sewn.

The length you chose is halved for the height i.e. 18” across by 9” high.

Fold in Right sides together on the shorter edge.

Sew down.

Example of above steps. Image 1 shows fabric folded in one corner. Image show shows fabric with entire right side sewn.

Use a tacking stitch - - - - - - - - - - around the bottom, pull to gather and tie off.

Fabric sewn in tube shape, tacked at the bottom causing it to bunch.

Fill with toy stuffing, tack stitch around the top to gather, tie off.

Fabric filled with stuffing creating a round shape and tack stitched at the top.

Using embroidery thread or strong cotton, create the ‘pumpkin effect’ by putting a long needle in the bottom, out through the top then pull the thread taught around the pumpkin and back down through the top, repeat this until you have 5 or 6 sections.

Take the needle back through the bottom and tie off to secure.

Brown thread and needle placed on cutting board.

Use a twig to create a stalk. Pumpkins come in many shapes, colours & sizes make a whole bunch and use them to decorate for an Autumn Display.

Repeat of image at top of page. 5 handmade velvet pumpkins in various autumnal colours.

To see more from Nicola, follow her on Instagram @bobbincottagebodkin.

Written by Nicola Hills, for The Craft Cotton Co 2023.

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