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Peak your Pinterest

There are lots of places where you can find inspiration but Pinterest is one of our favourites!

Pinterest is a great way to find and share inspiration for all of your creative projects. With people all over the world contributing their unique ideas, there will never be a shortage of fresh concepts, projects and designs.

You can follow hundreds of boards, trends and other people to see what inspires them and to see what ideas they have. Our favourites are; Design Seeds, Hobbycraft and It's Always Autumn, they provide plenty of projects, colour palettes, pictures and tutorials that we love to share with our followers!

We are proud to have 47 Pinterest boards packed with over 3.8k ideas. We have several boards full of sewing projects, patterns and tutorials for every occasion and boards showing colour palettes, nature pictures and top trend's for the season, so there really is something for everyone!

Our most popular boards include Interior Design, Sewing Patterns and Sewing Projects. You can also find all of our original and free tutorials on our Pinterest and share them with your followers too!

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