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Frankie's Lilou Dress

This dress! I mean THIS DRESS! Sometimes you can have an awesome pattern and awesome fabrics and it's still a bit lacking, but not this time! I love this dress, Rikki likes this one too.

I don't normally do colour, but as soon as I saw this fabric, Hawaiian Floral, on The Craft Cotton Company website, I fell in love! I had visions of myself strutting down a sunny street with beach boys playing in the background. It's like someone took the whole of summer (outside of England) and wove it into a print! It's 100% cotton, didn't shrink in the wash, ironed beautifully and no colours ran at all! It was a dream to sew with and to cut out; it doesn't shift and you can finger press a lot of your seams.

I didn't bother pattern matching, but I did cut all of my pieces the same way up. The only problem that I have with this dress is that the zip is out by 0.5cm, but I've added a big button and I think it looks quite good to be honest (especially since I didn't have to unpick everything!).

So let's get to the nitty gritty! The top of the dress is the Lilou bodice from love at First Stitch by Tilly and the Buttons. However, I hacked the bodice so I could keep with the 60's beach boys theme and have tie shoulders! It was a really simple hack and I think it looks awesome!

To see how I made this amazing dress, just visit my blog:

Also, you can watch the video I made for this dress:

This has to be my favourite Lilou dress so far, and I absolutely love the fabric that I picked- bright, colourful and perfect for Summer!

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