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Morning Coffee Apron

Preparing to get ready for Shrove Tuesday? Why not make this Morning Coffee apron! This is a great tutorial showing you how to make your own apron which you can personalise and customise to fit your size or you can make one that will fit everyone!

What you will need:

  • Pencil

  • Measuring tape

  • Pins

  • Iron

  • Scissors

  • Rotary cutter and board (optional)

  • Sewing machine

  • The Craft Cotton Company’s Morning Coffee Canvas (1.5m)

First, draw your pattern:

If you want to make a unisex apron, on the wrong-side of your fabric, draw out an apron with the measurements as follows on this diagram. When you draw out the apron, only draw one of the arm curves.

If you want to customise your apron to your size, measure across the chest, ¾ around the waist, from the chest to the waist and from the chest to mid-thigh. The diagram below shows where to take these measurements. When you have your measurements, draw out the apron as the diagram above, but adjust it with you measurements. When you draw out the apron, only draw one of the arm curves.

For the pocket of the apron, draw a 36cm x 20cm rectangle.

For the waist straps, draw two 9cm x 80cm rectangles. For the neck strap, draw a 9cm x 60cm rectangle.

Now cut out your fabric:

First, cut out the straps and the pocket. When cutting out the pocket, use a

2cm seam allowance.

Next, cut out the body of your apron using a 2cm seam allowance. When you come to cutting out the arm curves, fold the fabric in half with right-sides facing. Making sure the material is equally folded in half, pin the material along the drawn line. Where the arm curve is drawn, cut along the line using a 2cm seam allowance to cut out the other arm curve. This ensures that the arm curves are equal.

Tip: When you are cutting the fabric, try and cut as neatly as possible as this helps when folding the seams later.

Next, make the pocket and straps:

Fold the straps in half (so that wrong-sides are facing), pin in place and iron. Fold in the seams along the long side of the strap by 0.5cm. Pin this in place and iron.

Sew along the long side of the strap.

For the waist straps, get one of the small ends on each strap. Fold over the raw edge by 1cm and iron. Fold this edge over again by 2cm and pin.

Sew along this edge.

You do not have to do this for the neck straps as both ends will not be seen when they have been attached to the body of the apron.

For the pocket, fold the raw edge of the fabric by 1cm all around the rectangle. Pin this and iron. Fold over the edge again by another 1cm so that no raw edges can be seen. Pin and iron this.

On the top seam of your rectangle, sew a straight along the seam. Only sew one the side of the rectangle as this is the opening for the pocket when it is attached to the apron.

Next, fold the seams and attach the straps:

Like the pocket, fold all of the seams around the body over by 1cm. Pin and iron this. Fold over this edge again by 1cm, pin and iron this.

To attach the neck strap, place one of the ends along the part of the apron that goes across the chest and place it 2cm from the edge. Tuck the raw seam of the neck strap into the folded edge of the apron body and pin.

Repeat this for the other raw edge of the neck strap on the opposite side of the apron chest.

To attach the waist straps, take the end of one of the waist straps where the end has not been sewn. Like the neck strap, tuck in the raw seam of the strap in to the folded edge of the apron body just below the point where the curve of the arm meets the waist. Pin this.

Repeat this for the other waist strap on the opposite side of the apron body.

Finally, sew everything to the body of the apron:

Sew all around the apron on the folded seams. To secure the straps to the apron, neatly sew 2-3 extra lines over the straps or do a flag stitch.

Place the pocket in the middle of the apron and around 2cm below the waist line with the previously sewn seam at the top. Pin this in place. Sew around the 3 unsewn edges of the pocket.

If you want dividers in your pocket, you can sew vertical lines straight down pocket when it is attached to the apron.

And finally- your apron is complete!

© by Raeven Branch for The Craft Cotton Company 2016

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