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Fabric Jars

If you want to get into DIY then this is a perfect tutorial. Vamp up your old jars and make them into useful stationary holders!

You will need:

  • Scissors

  • Fabric glue or PVA

  • Lollipop stick

  • Tape measure

  • Ribbon and buttons (optional)

  • Jar

  • The Craft Cotton Company's Floral Spray, Textured Turquoise and Leaf cotton prints

Method 1

Measure the jar length ways, including the base. Add 1 inch onto this measurement.

Cut strips of fabric 1.5cm wide with your measured length.

Brush the fabric with glue and starting from the centre of the base, place the fabric on the inside of the jar. Do this with each strip, overlapping each strip slightly, until the whole jar is covered (don’t worry, once the fabric has dried it will go transparent).

Tip: use a lollipop stick or pencil to push the fabric against the jar.

Method 2

Measure the width and length of the centre piece of your jar. Add 1cm onto the width measurement.

Taking these measurements, cut out a piece of fabric.

Wrap the fabric around the jar using glue to secure it. Take a piece of ribbon and wrap it around the top and button seam of the fabric so that it hides the raw edges. Secure with glue.

Leave your jars to dry and voila- you have up-cycled you’re old jar into something crafty!

You can add buttons and ribbons to decorate!

© by Amy Henson for The Craft Cotton Company 2016

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