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Christmas Hot Water Bottle Cover

Brrr... it's that time of year where we need to keep warm, so why not make the perfect last minute Christmas gift (to yourself) using just two fat quarters pieces!

What you will need:

  • 2 Heritage Christmas Fat Quarters

  • Heritage Medium weight Quilt Batting

  • Hot Water Bottle

  • Paper/pen

  • Sellotape

Firstly, grab your rotary cutter and ruler:

Using your rotary cutter and ruler, cut your fat quarters into 3” strips along the longest edge of your fabric.

Secondly, centralise your first strip onto your quilt batting with the right side facing up. Position your second strip on top of the first with right sides together and stitch along the edge with a ¼” seam allowance.

Then fold open your first seam and iron along, making sure the fabric is lying nice and flat.

Position your next strip on top with right sides together again and then stitch along the edge with a ¼” seam allowance.

Repeat this process several times until you have used all the fabric strips up. It should look like something similar to this:

Draw your hot water bottle...

Join two pieces of A4 paper together using sellotape and draw around your chosen hot water bottle.

Make sure you add a generous seam allowance which will give your hot water bottle plenty of room for when it is full! Then cut out your pattern piece.

Pin your pattern piece onto your quilted fabric. You can choose the direction for the print to suit how you would like it to look. Then cut out the front cover piece.

Carefully separate the sellotape on your pattern giving you a top and a bottom piece for the back of the hot water bottle. Position these onto your fabric leaving a space between the two and then cut out the two back pattern pieces.

Fold over a generous seam on the straight edge of both back pattern pieces

Pin the seam: this will give you the opening flap on the back of the hot water bottle cover.

Stitch along this folded seam...

Use your needle position on your sewing machine to get your needle as far left as you can.

Sandwich the pieces together.

The front piece right side facing up , the top back piece right side facing down and the top bottom piece right side facing down.

Stitch all around your hot water bottle cover using ¼” seam allowance.

Using the walking foot on your machine makes it much easier with the “quilt sandwich” layers.

Finally, clip the corners and turn your hot water bottle cover the right way out.

© by Angela Brown for The Craft Cotton Company 2016

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